agricultural equipment design

3 Tips to Improving Agricultural Equipment Design

When it comes to manufacturing your innovative and new agricultural equipment, the better your design, the better your product.

Perfecting the design of your component parts, and equipment overall, is essential to the reputation and success of your business. A flawed design not only costs you time and money in the manufacturing and assembly of your equipment, it also can lead to increased breakdowns and decrease the durability and longevity of your equipment.

Why Design Matters

The design of your equipment and all of its component parts is crucial to reducing manufacturing overhead and increasing your ability to keep up with demand. The right design can:

  • Increase efficiency in manufacturing and assembly
  • Reduce the amount of raw materials used
  • Increase the longevity and durability of your equipment
  • Improve the strength of component parts
  • Reduce the number of weak points and break-downs
  • Improve regular operation of equipment
  • Save you time and money in manufacturing and assembly
  • Point out inconsistencies and flaws
  • Eliminate the need to purchase pre-made component parts with hefty price tags

How to Get the Perfect Design

The design behind your equipment and component parts is important, but how do you perfect that design? How do you know where to tweak your design for improved manufacturing, assembly, and longevity?

Here are a few ways:

Hire an Outside Design Team

Hiring a fabrication company with a design team is the number one way to get the perfect design. Their knowledge of manufacturing and raw materials allows them to point out ways you can save money and manufacture stronger, more durable equipment. They can offer solutions to reduce your manufacturing costs, improve the design of your parts, and the speed in which you are able to assemble your equipment.

Reverse Engineer those Pre-made Component Parts

When you purchase pre-made component parts, you’re stuck working your design around those parts. Instead, have a design team reverse engineer those parts. Most often, they will find ways to manufacture the same part for a fraction of the cost of what you pay now, and can offer suggestions on making the part better and more efficient for your equipment.

Standardize Your Design

Tweaking your equipment and component parts is good – to a point. At some point, though, you need to settle in on a design and stick there. When you constantly tweak and change your design, it changes the manufacturing of your parts, which in turn changes the assembly of your equipment – often causing you to spend more money and time. Standardizing your parts and design will help make your equipment manufacturing and assembly more consistent, and reduce costs along the way.

Turn to the Pros

If you’re ready to perfect the design of your agricultural equipment and component parts, turn to the pros at Fusion Tech. Our professional design team and project managers are experts at taking your napkin sketch ideas, pre-made parts, and current prints and finding ways to improve your design. We can 3D model your parts (so you can see what they will look like when manufactured), prepare final prints (for ease of manufacturing), and provide a list of parts to help in reordering. Simply click the button below to reserve a consultation with one of our Ag experts to see how Fusion Tech can assist in your agricultural equipment design.