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4 Reasons to Reverse Engineer Component Parts

Purchasing pre-made component parts for your agricultural equipment seems like the best route to go, especially for small to growing equipment manufacturers.

You get exactly what you need without putting in the work of designing or fabricating it yourself. You save time, money, and get your equipment out to the customer faster.  It’s a win-win for you. Or so it seems.

Pre-made component parts are great, but often those parts are highly overpriced and not always made to the highest of quality standards. They may seem like the best best in the short term, but in the long term — those parts may be costing you quite a bit in quality, reputation, and money.

The solution? Get those pre-made component parts reverse engineered.

A quality fabrication company with a fully staffed design team can take those component parts, pull them apart to see how they work, and often provide you with a less expensive way of manufacturing those parts — and with greater quality.

Why Reverse Engineering?

Here are four reasons why you should get those purchased component parts reverse engineered:

Increase Quality of Parts

Most component parts you find in the store are not designed to the highest levels of quality. They break down and need replacing often, which is why they are readily available for purchase.

Reverse engineering allows you to find ways to not only replace that component part, but also discover ways to make it work better and last longer. It’s one of the main reasons agricultural equipment manufacturers get their component parts reverse engineered — they want component parts that work better and are durable enough to withstand the demand of their equipment.

Reduce Costs

It seems backwards, but getting your purchased component parts is often less expensive in the long run than purchasing them off the shelf.

Most component parts you can buy have a large mark-up, especially if they come from a large, brand name agricultural equipment supplier. You aren’t buying the part so much as buying the name on the part.

Reverse engineering that part may cost a little more initially — to pay for the engineering services — but when you find a way to manufacture it for less than you can buy it, you will save huge in the long term.

Get the parts reverse engineered by a custom fabrication company, and you’ll save even more. Not only can they reverse engineer the part, the often can design a way to fabricate it for you for less — meaning you get the part, for less, without having to fabricate it yourself. It truly is a win-win!

Improves Efficiency of Parts

One of the goals of reverse engineering isn’t just to get the part for cheaper. It’s to find ways to make the part more efficient and last longer on your equipment.

There’s nothing worse than fielding a call from a client saying that a component part on the equipment you provided them broke down, especially when it was a purchased part.

Reverse engineering can help eliminate those calls and make your parts work even better. The engineers will work with you to determine the use and needs of the part, and find ways to make it work more efficiently and withstand the rigorous use it will undergo on your equipment.

Allows You to Provide Replacement Parts

Reverse engineering allows YOU to be the source of replacement parts for your customer’s needs.

Let’s be honest — at some point, your customers will need a part replaced on the equipment they purchased from you. Parts wear out. Customers use the equipment incorrectly. Stuff happens.

Reverse engineering a part allows you to be the source of that component part. You don’t have to send them to a store or catalog to purchase the parts from someone else. You have the prints. You hired a fabrication company to manufacture the parts. You stocked a few just for such an occasion, and now, when the customer needs the part, they can purchase it from you.

Not only are you making money on the sale of the equipment, but now you’re also making money on replacing parts as they wear out.

Improve Your Parts Today!

Reverse engineering helps improve the component parts in your equipment AND allows you to get them at a discounted price. It’s a win-win for you!

Don’t waste another day purchasing component parts that are high priced and low quality. Contact a custom fabrication company with a design team today and see how they can reverse engineer your component parts to be less expensive and higher quality.