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4 Ways to Keep Up with Ag Equipment Demand

As a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, you know the pressures of increased demand for your product.

You put in the hard work of developing a new piece of equipment, spent months marketing it to increase demand, sold a few units, got your name out there, and now the hard work is paying off – more and more people want to buy your equipment.

A Good Problem

Congrats! It’s a good place to be. Your business is growing, you’re making more money, and people love your product.

However, at some point, the increased demand for your equipment will create a problem – you won’t be able to manufacture your equipment fast enough to keep up with the demand. Fall too far behind, and you’ll end up losing sales, clients, and ultimately, money.

So how do you keep up with the increased demand for your ag equipment? Here are a few tips to help you out:

Outsource Component Fabrication

You’re likely spending a large amount of time either creating or shopping for all the various components that go into your equipment. Outsourcing the fabrication of those parts to a trusted fabrication company will save you time and money, especially if the shop is capable of producing large quantities of components.

Stock Enough Component Parts

Buy more component parts than you need and keep the rest in stock. It will save you time in assembling your equipment if all component pieces are in stock when the order comes through.

Increase Consistency of Parts

Nothing will slow your process down more than having to modify parts to fit your assembly. Increasing the consistency of component part sizes, shapes, hole placements, and the like will speed up your assembly time and help you get the equipment to your client faster.

Stick to the Design

The temptation to tweak equipment design is big for any equipment manufacturer, but even more so for those with an innovative new product. While improvement your product is necessary, constantly tweaking from one order to the next will slow you down. Consider sticking to the original design for a period of time, tweaking in your spare time, and launching a 2.0 version later on. It will help you pump out your current orders in a timely fashion.

Here to Help

Do you need help keeping up with the demand for your product or equipment? The agricultural manufacturing experts at Fusion Tech are here to help. A member of our team can meet with you to discuss ways to increase your production and keep up with the demand for your equipment.

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