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5 Benefits of Aesthetic Agricultural Equipment

When it comes to agricultural equipment, better looking doesn’t always mean better quality. You can have a piece of equipment that looks shiny and new, but breaks under regular use, as well as equipment that doesn’t look so pretty, but lasts for years.

Customers aren’t buying your equipment solely for its looks. They want equipment that lasts — equipment that can withstand the beating it will receive on a daily basis and keep running. Durability and reliability wins out over looks.

Do Looks Matter?

So why bother manufacturing equipment that looks good, when your customers are after reliable and durable equipment? Here are 5 reasons why the look and design of your equipment matters:

Conveys Message that Your Equipment is High Quality

When your equipment looks good, it conveys a certain message about your equipment and your company:

  • It’s well designed and will last longer
  • A lot of thought went into every component
  • It’s manufactured of high quality component parts
  • The manufacturer practices excellence in what they produce
  • The equipment is worth a lot (so the asking price is really a deal!)
  • It’s equipment the customer will be proud to own
  • It’s equipment the manufacturer is proud to produce

It may seem trivial, but the better your equipment looks, the better message it sends – and the more people will be willing to pay for it.

Gains Customer’s Trust

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for minute. If someone was trying to sell you a piece of equipment with messy welds, square (as opposed to rounded and deburred) corners, or messy adjustments trying to get component parts to fit, would you trust that the equipment will last?

When your equipment looks good, customers trust that you know what you’re doing and are able to handle manufacturing equipment that lasts.

Customer Wants to Own Your Equipment

Most people want to take pride in the equipment they purchase — especially when they drop thousands of dollars for it.

They want to show it off to their friends, boast about their latest purchase, and even post pictures on Facebook and Instagram about your product.

When your equipment looks good, your customers want people to know. When thought hasn’t gone into the overall look of the equipment, your customers are less likely to want to own your equipment.

Lasts Longer than if it was Just Thrown Together

While better looking equipment doesn’t mean it’s better quality, there is something to be said about the care and quality that goes into better looking equipment.

When you take the time to think through the design of your equipment — going that extra step to consider finishes and corners and the overall look of your equipment — chances are you are thinking through everything about your equipment. How long will the component parts last? Are you using the best materials? Choosing consistent parts over hand-fabricated parts.

The more care that goes into the design of the equipment usually means more care has gone into the equipment as a whole — meaning your equipment will likely last longer.

Easier to Catch Flaws

When you spend time pouring over the looks and design of your equipment, chances are you’ll catch flaws in the design — or even find ways to make the design better.

Thinking through every aspect of your equipment design makes it easier to catch the flaws, weak spots, and areas of improvement than if you just put the equipment together and didn’t care about the looks.

Up Your Aesthetic Appeal

So how do you go about making your equipment look better? Here are a few tips:

Consult with a Design and Engineering Company

Take your equipment design to an agricultural equipment design or engineering company for them to review. They can point out inconsistencies in your design and offer small, practical ways to make your equipment look better.

Outsource Component Parts to a Custom Fabricating Shop

Consistency is key to developing equipment that is aesthetically pleasing – consistent parts, consistent cuts, consistent holes. The best way to get consistent parts is by outsourcing those parts to a custom fabricating shop. With industrial cutting equipment, most shops are able to guarantee consistent parts – whether 100 or 100,000.

Utilize a Laser Cutter

An industrial laser cutter does wonders at providing precise cuts and consistent round corners that just can’t be matched when cutting by hand. Nesting capabilities allow the laser cutter to get an efficient use of material and consistently cut every piece to look exactly the same. These benefits of laser cutting can increase the aesthetics of your equipment immensely.

Go to the Next Level

If you’re ready make your agricultural equipment look better, reserve a free consultation with a Fusion Tech Ag Specialist. We can show you how our shop can partner with you to provide consistent cuts, rounded corners, and make your equipment aesthetically pleasing.

[Image via SailorJohn]