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5 Benefits of Hiring an Outside Fabrication Company

As a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, you know the pressures of increased demand for your product.

You put in the hard work of developing a new piece of equipment, spent months marketing it to increase demand, sold a few units, got your name out there, and now the hard work is paying off — more people want to buy your equipment.

A Good Problem

Congrats! It’s a good place to be. Your business is growing, you’re making more money, and people love your product.

However, at some point, the increased demand for your equipment will create a problem – you won’t be able to manufacture your equipment fast enough to keep up with the demand. Fall too far behind, and you’ll end up losing sales, clients, and ultimately, money.

The Best Solution

So how do you keep up with increased demand for your agriculture equipment? How do you get all the parts and pieces fabricated, assembled, finished, and out the door on time? How do you take on more orders for your equipment and not eat away your profits by having to hire more staff?

Simple. Hire an outside fabrication company to do some of the work for you.

Before you balk about the idea of paying someone else to do what you’re doing already, it helps to know why hiring an outside fabrication company is the best solution for your growing company.

Benefits of an Outside Fabrication Company

Hiring an outside fabrication company offers your growing business a number of benefits to help you cut costs while getting ahead of the demand for your ag equipment. Here are the top 5 benefits:

Faster Turn-Around

Imagine how much faster you could get your equipment out to your customers if a fully-staffed fabrication company took on fabricating your component parts. Instead of one or two people working on your parts and pumping out a few each day, holding up your assembly time, you could get an entire order done in less than half time.

Faster turn-around on component parts fabrication speeds up your whole process and helps get your equipment to your client sooner — and gives you time to take on more orders.

Cheaper than Hiring Employees

The greater the demand for your equipment grows, the more hands you’ll need fabricating all the component parts that go into your equipment – which can get incredibly costly if you do it all in-house. Hiring an outside fabrication company will take the overhead of employee salaries, health insurance, tools and equipment off your shoulders and allow to only pay for the work done.

An outside fabrication company has the tools, equipment, and personnel needed to pump out the component parts you need in a timely fashion and with a greater level of quality and consistency than you could achieve with an individual hire.

Increased Consistency of Parts

Utilizing an industrial laser cutter, a fabricating company can provide you with precise, exact cuts every single time – guaranteeing that whether you’re purchasing a single component piece or 500, each one will be exactly the same. Consistent parts allow for easy assembly, increased quality, and are a great solution if you plan to provide replacement parts for your clients.

Reverse Engineer Parts

Many equipment manufacturers purchase some component parts from the big name vendors. If you can buy what you need for a decent price, why spend the time putting it together yourself? The problem is, you’re likely grossly overpaying for those parts. Finding a company that can reverse engineer those parts (aka – take them apart to see how they work and engineer a better solution) and fabricate them for you will often be cheaper and provide you with better component parts. When you purchase pre-made parts from suppliers like that, you are paying for the name on the part. Reverse engineering the piece and hiring a fabricator to manufacturer those parts for you can save you BIG.

Stock Component Parts for Faster Assembly

Hiring an outside fabrication company provides you with another benefit: the ability to order large quantities of component parts and keep them in stock for future orders. Imagine how much faster you could assemble your equipment if the component parts were already fabricated and ready to go when the order came through?

On top of that, most fabrication companies offer drastic discounts for larger orders, saving you money on the component parts you already need.

You would get the order out quicker, your customer would be happier at the faster turnaround, and you save money in the process.

Go with the Pros

If you’re ready to grow your agricultural equipment manufacturing business and save money in the process, Fusion Tech is here to help! We have over 10 years of experience helping small to mid-sized agricultural equipment manufacturers grow their business to keep up with increasing demand.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our friends over at Calmer Corn Heads had to say:

Fusion Tech has filled the manufacturing position we needed quickly and seamlessly. Their staff has the needed skill sets to increase our productivity and in return our ability to fill orders to our customers. I can’t say enough good things about this company, but they are definitely a valued extension of us and we look forward to great success with them in the future.
– Andrea Weekley

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