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5 Top Reasons to Schedule a Meeting at AAMP Convention

The AAMP Convention is the place to discover the latest innovations in food processing technology for your business. Dozens of exhibitors, hundreds of processing equipment experts, countless new ideas and technologies, all together in one place. The AAMP Convention really is worth your time to attend.

There’s another reason why The AAMP Convention is so great: it’s easy to schedule a meeting with multiple equipment manufacturers from all over the country in the same week.

Think about it. The AAMP Convention gives you the opportunity to schedule in-person meetings with equipment manufacturers from Illinois, California, New York, and Florida all in the same week. Try planning that aside from a trade show. It’s definitely not easy…and definitely not affordable.

The AAMP Convention is a great place to schedule meetings with equipment manufacturers about your upcoming projects.

Need More Reasons? We Got ‘Em!

Still not convinced you should schedule a meeting with exhibitors at The AAMP Convention? Here are some more great reasons to consider:

Individual Attention

Let’s be honest, there’s only so much individual attention you’ll get by visiting an exhibitor’s booth. Other AAMP Convention attendees will pop in, booth staff will be stretched thin, and the show floor will be loud.

Scheduling a meeting with an exhibitor in their booth or at a restaurant after show hours eliminates those distractions and gives you the individualized attention (and information!) you need. You’ll learn exactly what the exhibitor can do for your specific projects and needs, get to know them more on an individual level, and ask questions you might not be able to ask in the booth.

Personalized Presentations

AAMP Convention booths are only so big — meaning there’s no way an exhibitor is able to show you everything they can offer in their booth. Scheduling a meeting with an exhibitor gives you the opportunity to learn everything they offer, and discover the solutions that will work best and fit the needs of your specific application.

The exhibitor will also be able to walk you through their process — how they help you determine what solution is best, what turnarounds they offer, what installation and testing looks like, and more. It’s like a booth presentation set up just for you.

Expert Advice

You’ll quickly find that the show floor isn’t conducive to in-depth conversations — especially about your specific projects. Scheduling a meeting with an exhibitor gives you the opportunity to pull out the blueprints, project notes, and equipment area prints and get down to work.

Ask questions, test their knowledge, get into the nitty-gritty details and see if the exhibitor is able to meet the needs and demands of your plant. If they’re good, they’ll even be able to offer expert advice and suggestions on how to make your specific operation more efficient.

The Days will Fly By

If you’ve ever been to a trade show like The AAMP Convention before, you know how quickly the days fly by. Between visiting exhibitor booths, sitting in on classes and presentations, attending networking events, eating at your favorite Omaha restaurants, traveling to and from your hotel…it’s easy for the hours to melt away and feel like you missed out on a great opportunity to learn more about how an exhibitor can help you.

Scheduling meetings with exhibitors in advance of The AAMP Convention will guarantee you have the time to meet with them.

It’s Easier to Pre-Schedule

The AAMP Convention will be busy. Between fighting off a constant stream of attenders into the exhibitor’s booths you want to see, navigating the crowds, and the limited time of booth staff, it won’t be easy to get an individual meeting on the books while at the show.

Scheduling your meeting now, before the show even begins, guarantees that an exhibitor will have time to meet with you during the show — and helps you avoid the crowds. Don’t wait too long, though. The closer we get to The AAMP Convention, the less time will be available.

Bonus Reason: Exhibitors Often Pick Up the Check!

Planning a dinner meeting? Or meeting over cocktails? You’re in luck! Most exhibitors will pick up the check for dinner or cocktail meetings. That’s a free meal (or drinks!) while also learning how the exhibitor can benefit your company.

Understand, though, processing equipment manufacturers are exhibiting at The AAMP Convention to connect with companies seriously interested in their equipment and services. Many are willing to pick up the check for seriously interested companies, but if you’re just meeting for a free meal…don’t expect that same courtesy!

We’re Scheduling AAMP Convention Meetings

We recognize the ease and benefits of meeting with you while you’re already in Omaha for the AAMP Convention, which is why we’re making ourselves available and scheduling meetings with interested parties.

Our food processing equipment experts have a number of time slots available to meet with you, both during and after show hours, to talk about your current and upcoming projects and show you how Fusion Tech can provide the perfect custom solution.

Simply click the image below, fill out the short form, and we’ll be in contact to set up a time that works best for you!

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