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8 Reasons to Choose Us for your Ag Needs

When it comes to your agricultural equipment fabrication needs, you need a partner who can come alongside your current manufacturing process, assess your needs, and provide design and fabrication services that increase your ability to keep up with equipment demand while decreasing your manufacturing costs.

That’s where Fusion Tech comes in.

We have over 10 years of experience providing design and fabrication services for growing agricultural equipment manufacturers – doing everything from reverse engineering parts, to designing and fabricating component parts to meet exacting specifications.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Calmer Corn Heads had to say:

Fusion Tech has filled the manufacturing position we needed quickly and seamlessly. Their staff has the needed skill sets to increase our productivity and in return our ability to fill orders to our customers. I can’t say enough good things about this company, but they are definitely a valued extension of us and we look forward to great success with them in the future. (Read the Case Study)

Why Hire Fusion Tech?

Here are just 8 reasons how Fusion Tech can meet your ag needs, from design to fabrication to delivery of component parts:

Agricultural Equipment Fabrication Expertise

Our team are experts at agricultural equipment manufacturing – providing you with a number of custom products and services to help you keep up with your equipment demand and lower your manufacturing overhead costs. We are able to design and fabricate whatever you need, and offer suggestions to streamline your process and make your product better.

Reverse Engineering

Are you spending loads of money purchasing component parts from big name agriculture companies? We can offer reverse engineering services – extracting knowledge or design information in order to recreate or improve upon the component. Often, reverse engineering and fabricating a new component is cheaper than buying stock component parts and can improve upon the quality of your equipment.

Part Nesting

Part nesting is a fancy term for laying out cut patterns to minimize material waste. In other words, our nesting software will calculate the best layouts to provide you the maximum amount of components for the material used – saving you money and allowing the reproduction of the component pieces in the future.

Part Consistency

Utilizing an industrial laser cutter, we can provide you with precise, exact cuts every single time – guaranteeing that whether you’re purchasing a single component piece or 500, each one will be exactly the same. Consistent parts allow for easy assembly, increased quality, and are a great solution if you plan to provide replacement parts for your clients.

Design and Modeling

Not only can we provide you with the component parts you purchase, but we can also design and model out the part to look for ways to improve the durability and longevity of your parts. You will get to see how the component part will look before it’s manufactured. Plus, it allows for easy and fast reordering – you know, for when you need to fulfill more sales orders.

Decreased Costs

It may seem counter-intuitive, but hiring Fusion Tech to manufacture the component parts for your equipment is often the less expensive route to go! We can optimize the use of materials to reduce waste, purchase materials for cheaper, have the workforce to get your order to you quickly, and eliminate the need for you to hire your own fabricators. No health insurance premiums, unemployment taxes, or sick and vacation days coming out of your pocket.

On Time Delivery

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering component parts for your ag equipment, only to find that the parts are delayed. It puts your whole process off schedule, potentially costing you money. Here at Fusion Tech, we work hard to deliver your component parts on time.

Handle Large Projects

Due to the size of our shop and the equipment we use, we are able to take on any size project – from small to extremely large. No matter the number of parts you require, our team is able to design, fabricate, and deliver what you need.

Hire the Pros

If you’re ready to upgrade your agricultural equipment manufacturing process, turn to Fusion Tech. Our team is able to assist in your component parts needs – providing design, fabrication, and delivery services that will increase your ability to keep up with product demand, while decreasing your manufacturing costs.