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AAMP Convention of Meat Processors

July 14-16, 2022 | Des Moines, IA

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Make sure to stop and visit the Fusion Tech Integrated booth when you’re at the AAMP Convention of Meat Processors this July! We’ll be showcasing our smokehouses, smoke generator, smokehouse cart and PushPal safety handle, shredders, and slicers.

You’ll also get to see how our team of design professionals can take your napkin sketch idea and turn it into a 3D model – giving you the ability to see how our custom designed solutions fit in your plant and your pre-existing equipment. You can rotate, tilt, and see the equipment from every angle before manufacturing begins.

We’re all about providing innovative solutions at Fusion Tech – and at the AAMP Convention of Meat Processors, you’ll get to experience it first hand.

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AAMP members can take advantage of discounts during the AAMP Convention when equipment is purchased on site.

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We offer a number of financing solutions to help expand your operation without breaking the bank.

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We custom design equipment to meet the needs of your specific product and application.

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Fusion Tech has quickly become the superior source for all your design and fabrication needs. Our professional team of designers, drafters, project managers, and fabricators are equipped to provide you with facility designs, concept layouts, equipment design, and fabrication of equipment. From plant layout and redesigns to individual products and equipment, we are able to handle any job – big or small. We have the in-house services necessary to meet your project specifications and deadlines. It’s manufacturing done right – the first time!

Custom Food Processing Solutions

We supply a whole range of products for the food processing industry — all custom-engineered to your specific needs. Our team will come in, evaluate your needs, and present solutions based on industry and your specific standards.

We specialize in providing custom products and equipment for food processing companies. Our team will meet with you to determine your needs, and design and fabricate the perfect solution for your processing operation. At Fusion Tech, customization comes standard.

We purchased two, two truck ovens in mid 2017. We have been very pleased! We also have a 4 truck oven being built for us currently with a September 2018 Delivery Date. The air flow technology allows us to cover all hot spots and cold spots accordingly. Cooking times decreased by an average of 15%-20%. This is outstanding with sausage and Beef Jerky. Our yields have increased by approximately 10%. This equals more profits! We are very pleased with the service and support team of Fusion Tech.

Total Flow Control allows me to concentrate the airflow virtually anywhere I want in the oven, so it allows me to put more capacity on a rack and still maintain excellent consistency. I basically get two smokehouses in one with the Fusion Tech oven, a horizontal and a vertical smokehouse. My Fusion Tech oven gives me better consistency and 20% more capacity per rack.

We handle on average 75 full racks in a day’s production. The PushPal has made handling hot racks safer, faster, and much more sanitary than anything we have ever used in the past. Thank you for designing something so simple but so effective.

The Push Pal increased safety for employees, and because we did not have to modify every cook cart, and it has saved Deli Star money.

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