better asset management

NY Resolution: Better Asset Management

A new year brings with it the drive to get better at everything you do – not just in the big things, but also with the small, mundane tasks that can make life easier.

When developing a list of resolutions for your food processing plant, creating a better asset management system should be close to the top.

It’s not the most glamorous resolution. Nor the most exciting job in a food processing plant. In fact, most people glaze over when they start thinking about asset management – and push off developing a better system until sometime in the future.

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equipment maintenance

5 Tips for Equipment Maintenance

Getting the most out of your processing equipment is critical for profitability. A slow moving line, unplanned stoppages, and processing delays can result in spoilage of high cost ingredients or products, which destroys your profit margin and can wreak havoc with the integrity of your brand.

Keeping your equipment properly maintained and running smoothly is key to avoiding these unnecessary costs. The following equipment maintenance tips will help you keep your equipment running at peak efficiency to save you time and money.

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snaptivation tag design

Snaptivation Tag Design

Snaptivation is a revolutionary new asset management system that keeps all compliance assurance and standard operating procedure information in the cloud, and is easily accessible via PC, smart phone or tablet.

One of the keys to making this system work so smoothly is the use of stainless steel tags that are attached to the pieces of equipment you want to manage. These tags provide quick and relevant information on your equipment, and include a vital component to the Snaptivation system: the QR Code.

This code – which is laser marked into the stainless steel tab to avoid fading, scratching, or removal – is the key to accessing all the information you need on that particular piece of equipment. Your employees simply scan the QR Code with their smart phone or tablet, and instantly have access to all the asset management, compliance assurance, and standard operating procedure information they need.

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qr codes

QR Codes Explained

You probably don’t need to look hard to find a QR Code – that funny looking black and white box seen on printed materials. They seem to be everywhere nowadays, from direct mail pieces to store receipts to food packages and more. They’ve even been featured on the screens in Times Square. We use them here at Fusion Tech in our Snaptivation Asset Management tags.

QR Codes are everywhere, but what exactly are they and what do they do?

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Snaptivation Explained

Snaptivation provides an innovative new way of keeping track of compliance assurance and standard operating procedure information. Gone are the days of tracking equipment maintenance and calibration by hand or spreadsheet – or losing all your information if an employee is sick or quits. Snaptivation keeps all that information in the cloud, and is easily accessible via PC, smart phone, or tablet – so any employee, at any time, can access or update information.

It’s a powerful asset management tool, but the number one question we get all the time is: how does it work?

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asset management

Asset Management Challenges?

Many businesses struggle with asset management and maintenance. Equipment breaks down, maintenance schedules are ignored or not documented, paper records are lost or unreadable, day-to-day issues delay updates and training, and we could go on and on.

When it comes to asset management, most businesses approach maintenance the same way we do maintenance in our personal lives: when something breaks, then we try to fix it – and it usually happens at the most inconvenient time.

Poorly maintained assets parallel poor business performance. Unhealthy assets usually suffer excessive downtime, consume extra energy, and can also become a safety hazard.

To benefit from asset management, you need the correct tools & technology. The ultimate tool would have controlled, electronic versions of Operation Manuals, Installation Manuals, Service Manuals, Equipment Settings, Maintenance Records, Work Instructions or Procedures, and Engineering Drawings. Snaptivation is that solution.

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