Easily Compare our 3 Models of Meat Shredders

Our line of MeatShredders are some of the best on the market.

They produce a hand-pulled look without grinding or cutting in a fraction of the time of similar machines, allow for a continuous product flow, and are constructed of high grade stainless steel to make them easy to clean and maintain.

Compare Our Meat Shredders

Once you’ve made the choice to invest in a Fusion Tech Meat Shredder, the question becomes: which one?

While all of our Meat Shredders share the same features that set them apart from the competition, each model has unique features to meet varying needs of food processors.

The table below outlines those various features so you can choose the right shredder at a glance.

Continuous Flow
Tool-less Removal of Guarding
Cost Effective (ROI in about 6 months)
Customizable In-Feed
USDA Approved
CE Approved
Shreds 200 lbs / hr
Shreds 1,700 lbs / hr
Shreds 10,000 lbs / hr
Variable Speed Drive
Illuminated On / Off Switch
Compact for Restaurant Use

Invest in the Best

Our Meat Shredders were designed to shred a variety of meat product quickly and easily, giving you a consistently hand-pulled look in a fraction of the time of other machines. We provide three different models to meet the needs of your restaurant or food processing facility and equip them with the 5 most important options you should look for in a meat shredder.

Start your search for a meat shredder by downloading the Meat Shredders catalog.