Ergonomics in Food Packaging

Most bagging and packaging operations require employees to stand in a single location and perform repetitive movements all day. Some require heavy lifting or awkward postures to get the final product into its proper packaging – not the most ergonomically sound practices.

While there is no way around requiring your employees to be at a singular packaging station all day, there are a number of ways to reduce the stress, awkward posturing, and heavy lifting that could easily lead to employee injuries.

Best Ergonomic & Safety Practices

When it comes to implementing ergonomic solutions in your packaging operation line, consider these best practices:

  • Adjustable ergonomic stands at every station
  • Platform and pallet lifts to reduce the need of employees holding product
  • Adjustable workstations to fit your employees
  • Foot rails on your equipment to reduce stress on employee legs
  • Narrower conveyors and equipment to reduce employee reach
  • Movement study to determine pressure points and how to reduce the risk of injury
  • Non-slip application on all stands, stairs, and platforms

The First Step

The first step in implementing any ergonomic solutions in a packaging operation is to get a professional ergonomic consultation. This consultation should include an onsite visit, observation of employees performing work tasks, review of OSHA forms, and talking with employees to determine how they are modifying equipment.

After the initial observations, you should receive a list of ergonomic suggestions, prioritized based on the most pressing needs, and including suggested solutions and pricing.

Learn more about what should be included in an ergonomic consultation.

Equip Your Line

If you’re ready to equip your packaging line with ergonomic solutions, turn to the experts. The team at Fusion Tech has over 10 years experience providing onsite ergonomic consultations and equipment for food processing and packaging lines. We will come in, determine your needs, and provide you with a list of suggested ergonomic solutions to reduce the risk of employee injuries.