Bakery & Snacks


Bakery & Snacks Processing Equipment

We offer a full range of equipment solutions for the bakery and snacks processing industry.

Bakery & Snacks Processing Equipment

Fusion Tech has been providing bakeries nationwide with innovative and durable equipment for years. Our custom designed and fabricated solutions gently manage product flow and maintain inclusion integrity while providing both strength and precision for various product styles and densities. Every product flow layout and piece of equipment we design is customized to meet your specific needs and goals. From mixers and blenders to conveyors and packaging equipment, Fusion Tech custom designs your perfect solution.

Sanitary Design

Our commitment to sanitary design and construction decreases maintenance costs and increases your bottom line.

Customization Standard

Our team can custom design and fabricate all equipment to your specifications. At Fusion Tech, customization comes standard.

On-time Solutions

Our team will work relentlessly to design, fabricate, and install your solutions within your schedule. Less down-time means more production and greater ROI.

Discover how Fusion Tech can custom design the perfect solution for your bakery.

Custom Bakery Processing Equipment

We offer a full range of equipment solutions for the bakery and snacks industry. Each piece of equipment is custom designed to fit your specific goals and needs. We have the expertise to design a full product flow layout for your plant, or to fit a single piece of equipment into your current operation. Don’t settle for stock. Choose the perfect custom solution!

  • Depositing
  • Dividing
  • Mixing / Blending
  • Thermal Processing
  • Conveyors
  • Dumpers
  • Lifts
  • Tanks / Piping
  • Packaging

Expand Your Bakery

Fusion Tech offers products and equipment for every stage of your bakery expansion – from infrastructure to build out to equipment. We will work with your engineering, maintenance, production, safety, and sanitation departments to develop product flow layouts and equipment designs. Once approved, our team will design, build, and install all the equipment that was agreed upon. Learn how we can take process control and eliminate the nightmare of managing your plant expansion.

Discover how Fusion Tech can take process control of your bakery expansion.