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Packaging Equipment to Fit Your Needs

Many food packaging equipment manufacturers specialize in stock equipment – they design a few models, offer a handful of options, and sell the same solution to every processing and packaging plant they can. It’s a great method of selling equipment – for them. They pump out a few hundred of the same pieces of equipment and sell it as the solution to your needs.

Sure, there are some benefits to purchasing stock equipment. You can see pictures of the equipment on their website, know the exact specifications before you contact them, and have a relatively short wait time before the equipment comes.

But what if your packaging needs aren’t met by their one-solution-fits-all approach? What if you require something more robust and durable? What are you supposed to do about all the supporting equipment to get your food product to their piece of equipment?

Stock equipment isn’t always the route to go.

Why Go the Custom Route?

Often, your packaging line needs and requirements aren’t going to be met by a one-solution-fits-all piece of equipment. The size of your plant, the product you’re packaging, how you’re packaging your product, the speed and goals of your packaging line all demand specific solutions not found in stock equipment.

Custom designed and fabricated packaging equipment is the route to go when you have specific needs and goals in mind. Tailoring the equipment you purchase to your needs, optimizing your packaging line layout to increase output while decreasing operating expenses, and getting exactly what you want is the whole purpose of going the custom route.

You can either fit your packaging line around your equipment, or fit your equipment around your packaging line needs and goals. The choice is yours.

Custom Solutions

Here at Fusion Tech, we specialize in custom solutions for the food processing industry. We won’t sell you stock equipment. Rather, we’ll custom design a packaging line to fit your needs and goals.

Our process is simple and effective:

  • We meet with you to determine what goals and needs you have
  • We work with your engineering, maintenance, production, safety, and sanitation departments to develop product flow layouts and equipment designs
  • Once approved, we design, build, and install the equipment agreed upon

Everything you need to outfit your packaging line – from equipment to lifts to accessory equipment – is factored into the design, giving you a complete packaging line solution.

You may not see detailed pictures of packaging equipment you can purchase on our website, nor the full range of our capabilities, because we provide custom solutions for every client. What worked for others in the food processing industry may not work for you. It’s why we specialize in custom equipment.