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Bagging Racks

  • A-06081 bagging racks

Fusion Tech Bagging Racks optimize the bagging of larger chunks of meat, such as flanks. Place the meat on the top and put a bag over the slide. Simply push the meat down the slide and into the bag.

Our bagging racks attach to the side of a conveyor or table to make loading and unloading of bagged product quick and easy. They are designed to only need two operators: one to load a bag on the end of the rack and the other to slide the meat into the bag.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel with full seam welds, our bagging racks exceed all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements for use in a food processing facility and are built to last years of demanding use.

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Standard Sizes

Model #Footprint
A-0608118.38”w x 43.28”l x 10.25”h

Bagging racks can be custom designed to meet the footprint and mounting width you need.


Fusion Tech Bagging Racks come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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Meat Platform

Place larger chunks of meat on the top of the rack and slide down the chute and into a bag.


Tapered Chute

Easily pull product bags over the tapered end of the bagging rack chute.


Rack Mounting

Easily weld the rack to the side of a conveyor or table.