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Belly End Saw

The innovative and uniquely designed Belly End Saw is a high capacity saw designed to cut off the ends of pork bellies before entering a bacon slicer. Engineered to give you an adjustable cut thickness, the Belly End Saw increases yields in retail bacon by reducing labor and time needed to sort out belly ends.

An adjustable belly guide attached to the conveyor frame allows for up to a 4″ cut that can be easily changed by the operator. A chute collects trimmed ends to prevent them from entering your slicer, while a pusher aligns the belly to ensure both ends are trimmed. Flighted belting keeps the bellies positioned correctly to stay aligned for the saws.

Safety is key in the meat processing industry. The Belly End Saw boasts extensive guarding to protect operators from the saw blades and any moving parts that could pose danger. An attached hanging ergonomic stand allows operators to position themselves at a safe working height to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Get ahead of the competition, save time, and increase production in your retail bacon slicing operation with the Fusion Tech Belly End Saw!

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Improve Yields

Improve yields of retail bacon by trimming pork belly ends before entering a slicer.

Adjustable Cuts

Easily adjust the width of the end cut by up to 4 inches.

Ergonomically Safe

An attached ergonomic stand allows operators to adjust to a safe working height.

Standard Size

Model #FootprintTop of Belt HeightBelt WidthBlade Size
A-1603277.47″w x 154.54″l x 57.82″h48″28″9″ Diameter

The Belly End Saw can be custom designed to meet the footprint and options you need.

Belly End Saw Features

The Fusion Tech Belly End Saw comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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Shown without guarding for clarification.


Flighted Belt

28″ wide flighted belt keeps bellies positioned for effective trimming of ends.


Double Bevel Saw Blade

9″ diameter double bevel saw blades easily cut through full or halfed pork bellies.


Adjustable Belly Guide

Belly guide adjusts up to 4″ to give you the end trim size you want.


Belly Pusher

Pushes belly to other side of conveyor to align for trimming of other end.


Trim End Chute

Collects and discharges trimmed belly ends from conveyor to prevent from entering slicer.


Hanging Ergonomic Stand

Positions operator at an ergonomically safe working height.