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Belly Side Saw

  • pork belly side saw

The innovative and uniquely designed Belly Side Saw is a high capacity saw designed to trim off the side fat of pork bellies after being pressed and before entering a bacon slicer. Engineered to give you an adjustable cut thickness, the Belly Side Saw increases yields by reducing labor and time needed trim fat by hand.

An adjustable belly guide attached to the conveyor frame allows for a 15, 16, or 17” belly to be trimmed that can be easily changed by the operator. A discharge conveyor can be added on to take fat trimmings away, while the belly moves onto further processing.

Get ahead of the competition, save time, and increase production in your retail bacon slicing operation with the Fusion Tech Belly Side Saw!

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Improve Yields

Improve yields of retail bacon by trimming pork fat before entering a slicer.

Adjustable Cuts

Easily adjust the width to accommodate 15″, 16″, and 17″ pork bellies

Operator Safe

Guarding around the blade and all moving parts makes the belly side saw safe for operators.

Standard Size

Model #FootprintTOB Infeed HeightTOB Discharge HeightBlade Size
013006100.96 (with discharge)”w x 168.92″l x 71.42″h36.02″59.79″12″ Diameter

The Belly Side Saw can be custom designed to meet the footprint and options you need.

Belly Side Saw Features

The Fusion Tech Belly Side Saw comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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Shown without guarding for clarification.


Adjustable Belly Guide

Easily adjust the thickness of belly from 15-17”.


Upper Conveyor

Holds bellies in place during trimming for a more uniform cut.


Trim Saw Discharge

Trimmed pork bellies exit saw towards slicer or further processing.


Belly Blade

12” diameter blade cuts through pork bellies to trim off side fat.


Trim Fat Chute

Trimmed belly fat discharges from saw onto conveyor or into tub.


Open Framework

Eliminates bacteria harboring points and is easy to clean.