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The Fusion Tech Cutter Blade Holder & Blade was designed to mount on the side of a table to cut meat from product netting, such as bag tails, ties, and netting, as well as to cut skin from meat products. It makes cutting an inline process, saving you time and increasing your product output.

We designed the Cutter Blade Holder & Blade to weld on the side of a table; however it can easily be adapted to bolt onto a table or other surface.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel with 100% TIG welds, the Cutter Blade Holder & Blade meets all AMI Sanitary Design requirements for use in a food processing facility and are durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments.

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Easy Mounting

Holder easily welds to the side of a table or can be modified to bolt on.

Easy to Clean

Wash down components and easy blade removal make the Cutter Blade Holder and Blade easy to clean.

Custom Design

The Cutter Blade Holder can be custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application.

Standard Sizes

Model #Footprint
A-097711″w x 3.32″l x 2.67″h

Cutter Blade Holders can be custom designed to meet the footprint and blade size and style you need.


Fusion Tech Cutter Blade Holders come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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Tool-less Blade Removal

Quickly and easily change out the blade using a simple thumb screw. No special tools required.


Welding Tab

Use the support tab to weld the cutter blade holder to a table or other workstation.


Curved End

Allows product netting to easily move from table to blade without jerking or aligning.