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Dicer Wash Walls

  • A-08559 DiversaCut 2110A Dicer Wash Rack

Fusion Tech Dicer Wash Walls are designed to provide a quick and easy way to thoroughly clean the removable components of a meat dicer. It is the perfect way to increase productivity by decreasing your cleaning and sanitation process.

Our Dicer Wash Walls come complete with UHMW and stainless pegs and holders to hang parts for clean-up, a 14 gauge base screen, and a drain tube assembly to integrate the wash cabinet into your facility drains.

Integrated into a platform or secured to the floor, this Clean-in-Place wash wall can be custom designed to fit your facility and quantity of dicers. It is durable enough to meet the most demanding environments and come with all the safety features you need.

Dicer wash walls are custom made to your requirements and specifications and meet all Sanitary Equipment Design principles.

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Clean Dicer Parts

Wash walls hold your specific dicer components to allow for easy wash down and cleaning.

Choice of Mounting

Wash walls can integrate into an equipment platform, or mount directly on the floor next to your dicer.

Custom Designed

Wash walls are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific dicer and application.

Standard Sizes

Model #Dicer CompanyDicer ModelFootprintMounting
A-08559UrschelDiversaCut 2110A14.50″w x 40″l x 62.81″hPlatform

Dicer wash walls are custom designed to hold the components from your specific dicer, and meet the footprint, mounting style, and drain location you need.


Fusion Tech Dicer Wash Walls come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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A-08559 Diversicut Dicer Wash Cabinet

Wheel Holder Sleeve

Designed to hold the dicer wheel for easy cleaning.


Drum Holder

Designed to hold the dicer drum for easy cleaning.


Drain Trough Grating

Grating over the trough leading to the drain keeps parts from falling into the drain.


Wash Wall Mounting

Wash walls can be mounted on footpads or attached directly to a platform.


Wash Wall Drain

Drain is custom designed and placed to easily integrate into your facility’s drain system.