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EZ Lift 200 Ergonomic Stand

  • A-16708 ez lift 200 ergonomic stand

The Fusion Tech EZ Lift 200 Ergonomic Stand is the premium choice for positioning your employees at the correct height to perform their work without risk of injury.

Our EZ Lift 200 features a full turn handle that easily raises and lowers the platform without the risk of cross contamination or the need of employees to remove their gloves to adjust the platform. GripTECH™ anti-slip coating is safe to use in a food processing facility and keeps employees from slipping, even in wet conditions.

The side positioning of the handle tower allows you to easily place the edge of this stand under a piece of equipment, to prevent employees from bending over machinery.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel with an Anti-Slip coating applied to the platform, this ergonomic stand is durable and easy to clean. It adjusts 8.41″ with a platform height range of 4.38″ to 12.79″.

The EZ Lift 200 is OSHA compliant and meets all sanitary design requirements for use in a food or beverage processing plant, and is durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments.

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Easy to Lift

A full turn handle makes the platform on the EZ Lift 200 easy to lift, even in tight spaces.

Easy to Clean

Open framework, GripTECH platform, and sanitary design make the EZ Lift 200 easy to clean.

Easy to Fit

The side placement of the handle mechanism allows the EZ Lift 200 edge to fit under equipment for an easy fit.

Ergo Stand Details

Model #FootprintPlatformRangeSafetyStyle
A-1670824.35″w x 16″d x 42.79″h22″w x 16″d4.38″ – 12.79″GripTECH™Floor

GripTECH™ Anti-Slip Coating

GripTECH™ is our anti-slip coating that can be applied to any item you order from Fusion Tech. Specially designed for one of our clients, GripTECH™ creates an extreme surface hardness and bond strength providing a rugged a durable slip-resistant surface with a long usage life that does not rust.

It is ideal for food and beverage applications, as the anti-slip coating is chemical and corrosion resistant. It cleans easily via power washing and is designed to last for years of heavy usage.

EZ Lift 200 Features

Fusion Tech EZ Lift 200 Ergonomic Stands come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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Full Turn Handle

A simple turn of the handle raises and lowers the platform, eliminating the need for employees to touch the platform and risk product contamination.


Sanitary Shield

Front facing cover keeps internal crank mechanism covered and clean from food particles.


Anti-Slip Platform

Platform is coated in GripTECH™ anti-slip coating to keep employees safe and is easy to clean.