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The Fusion Hand Peeler is a unique and robust peeler designed to provide an inline pepperoni and meat log peeling solution mounted between two work stations. Engineered for quick and easy peeling, the Hand Peeler reduces time and operating costs of peeling meat log casings by hand.

The design is simple: push a meat log through in the infeed of the peeler. A push down assembly keeps the meat log positioned and in place as it moves over a stationary blade to slice through the casing. The casing pulls off easily after slicing.

A quick release pin allows for easy removal of the push down assembly for cleaning, while the blade holder makes cleaning and changing blades a snap.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel and fully seal welded seams, the hand peeler exceeds all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements for easy wash down and use in a food processing facility, and is durable enough to withstand the most demanding use.

Inline Peeling

Integrates into your meat log processing operation for an inline solution.

Food Safe

Exceeds AMI Sanitary Design Requirements for easy wash down and use in food processing facilities.

Custom Designed

Hand Peelers are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application.

Standard Sizes

Model #FootprintTube Diameter
A-075877.40″w x 13.14″l x 9.38″h6″

Hand Peelers can be custom designed to meet the footprint, diameter, and slicing blade you need.

Hand Peeler Features

The Fusion Tech Hand Peeler comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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A-07587 Hand Peelers

Push Button Release with Lanyard

Push button quick release pin with lanyard allows for the easy removal of the log hold down assembly for cleaning and blade replacement.


Peeler Tube

Allows up to 6″ diameter logs to pass through peeler.


Log Hold Down Assembly

Holds meat log in place and keeps it pushed against blade for uniform peeling.


Blade Holder

Easy load and unload blade holder positions blade at optimal height to peel meat logs.


Mounting Unit

Easily mount the peeler between two tables (as shown in pictures above) for optimal use.