Meat Log Sanitizer

meat log sanitizer

Meat Log Sanitizer

Treat Meat Logs with Sanitizing Solution

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Meat Log Sanitizer


Our innovative and uniquely designed Meat Log Sanitizer is a high capacity treatment spraying system designed to reduce bacteria on pepperoni, and other meat log, casings. Engineered to coat the entire meat log surface, the Meat Log Sanitizer is the fast and cost-effective solution to treating meat log casings.

Custom flighted conveyors space smoke sticks loaded with meat logs at the optimal distance to allow full coverage of solution. Three sets of spray bars, each with a different spray nozzle, spray solution over the meat logs in stages. A conveyor end stop sensor shuts the machine down if smoke sticks are not removed.

The adjoining sanitizer skid draws a mixed solution from a tank or vat and automatically measures and adjusts the pH to the preset pH level. A high pressure pump supplies the known solution to the spray bars. The system is designed to recycle the known solution, using less solution and saving on costs.

The touchscreen is mounted near the log sanitizer and controls the operation of the system. Alarms are set for pump pressure and GPM to help maintenance determine failures.

Get ahead of the competition, save time, and increase food safety of meat logs with the Meat Log Sanitizer!

  • Model # A-11807
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 230 / 460 v / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
  • Conveyor Motor Power: 1 hp
  • Pump Motor Power: 2 hp
  • Dimensions: 163.30″ l  |  129.92″ w  | 90.73″ h

The Fusion Tech Meat Log Sanitizer comes equipped with a number of standard features designed to for durability, sanitation, and safety.


  • Stainless steel type 304 construction
  • All seams fully seal welded
  • Weighted Infeed Hose
  • Meat Stick Conveyors with Flighted Belts
  • Sanitizer Tank Skid
  • Touch Screen Control Box
  • Robust design


  • 3 Emergency Stop Buttons

Cleaning / Sanitation

  • Wash down components allow for high pressure washing
  • Exceeds all AMI Sanitary Design requirements

Download the product brochure to learn more about the Meat Log Sanitizer.

Meat Log Sanitizer Brochure

Download the product brochure to learn more about the Meat Log Sanitizer.

Increase Food Safety

Quickly and easily spray meat log casings with a treatment designed to reduce bacteria and increase food safety.

Faster & Safer Solution

Treat hundreds of meat logs in a fraction of the time of treating by hand.

Custom Designed

The Meat Log Sanitizer is custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application.

Meat Log Sanitizer Features

The Fusion Tech Meat Log Sanitizer comes with a number of design, sanitation, and safety features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

Click on each number to learn more about the Meat Log Sanitizer.


Touch Screen Control Panel

18” serrated, single bevel blade with removable guarding and top port to wash abscess.


Conveyor End Stop Sensor

Stops machine when discharge area gets full.


Sanitizer Tank

Holds sanitizer solution to keep system running.


pH Sample Tester

Test the pH of the treatment solution with a built-in sample collector and tester.


Weighted Infeed Hose

Weighted suction hose sinks to bottom of vat to pump treatment solution into system.


Meat Stick Conveyors

Flighted conveyors move meat sticks through sanitizer spraying cabinet and discharge onto slide rail for easy removal.