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Tenderloin Baggers

Fusion Tech Tenderloin Baggers are a unique and robust bagging solution designed to easily bag tenderloins before entering a sealer. They are the perfect way to increase productivity and ease of bagging and are designed to integrate perfectly with your current operation.

The design is simple: place a tenderloin in each of the chutes, run a bag over the tenderloin and chute, pull the bagged tenderloin off the chute. The bagging chutes rotate in order to optimize the bagging process.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel with fully seal welded seams and an open framework, these tenderloin baggers meet all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements for use in a food processing facility and are built to withstand the most demanding environments.

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Attaches to Table or Floor

Choose the model that works best for your application: floor or table mounted.

Two-Person Operation

One to attach and hold the bag on the horn, the other to stuff your product into the bag.

Food Safety

Sanitary design keeps product safe from bacteria and provides for quick and easy wash-down.

Robust Design

Heavy duty stainless steel construction and components ensures durability for the long term.

Standard Sizes

Model #FootprintMount Style
JM7864-0130″w x 28.83″l x 44.88″hFloor Mount
JM6777-0110″w x 21.94″l x 36.74″hTable or Platform

Tenderloin Baggers can be custom designed to meet the footprint and mounting style you need.


The Fusion Tech Tenderloin Baggers come with a number of design and sanitation features that add value to your facility and processing operation.

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Double Bagging Chutes

Allows operator to bag two tenderloins quickly and easily. Simply place tenderloins in chute, run bag over chute, pull bag and tenderloin off.


Chute Pivot

Bagging chutes rotate for easy placement and bagging of tenderloins.


Open Framework

Reduces bacteria harborage points and makes bagger easier to clean.