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3 Reasons You Need to Attend the AAMP Bus Tour

The day before the AAMP Convention kicks off in Omaha, Nebraska, attendees have the opportunity to take part in the AAMP Bus Tour.

AAMP members love visiting the facilities of other AAMP members, and the bus tour allows you to do just that! Held on Wednesday, July 20, the AAMP Bus Tour will take attendees to the facilities of two AAMP members — C & C Processing Inc. and Wahoo Locker — for facility tours and lunch.

The AAMP Bus Tour is a favorite among AAMP members, and an event people look forward to when attending the AAMP Convention.

Why YOU Should Attend the AAMP Bus Tour

Why should you attend the AAMP Bus Tour this year? We have three great reasons:

Networking with Others in the Industry

The AAMP Bus Tour is an all day event — from 8am to 4pm — with other meat processing professionals. You’ll get to spend time meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, and having fun as you travel to and from the two facilities on the tour.

This alone is worth the $50 entry fee for AAMP members ($250 for non-members). You never know how just one networking connection can impact your business, give you new ideas, or connect you with a future big client.

An added bonus: lunch is included!

Touring Two Facilities

During this year’s AAMP Bus Tour, attendees will get to tour two facilities to see how these companies have grown and the processes they use to create their award-winning brands.

C & C Processing Inc.

The owners of C & C Processing, Chad and Courtney Lottman, have built their meat processing business from the ground up. In 1994, the Lottman’s bought the only grocery store in Diller, Nebraska where they ran the grocery store for two years before their first addition. Chad decide to add meat processing to the business an in 1996 a slaughter floor was added and the back of the store was utilized to become a custom exempt plant. C & C Processing has grown into a very successful business which includes the development of their very own line of specialty products called Blue Valley Brand Meats.

Wahoo Locker

Founded in the 1950’s, Wahoo Locker was acquired by Charlie Emswiler in 1997. The company is well known for the traditional Wahoo Wiener, but also makes a variety of bacon, sausages, jerky, snack sticks, and other cured meats. After a fire destroyed the old plant, Charlie was able to create his ideal facility after purchasing a new 17,000 square foot establishment. Opening in 2013, the new facility features an appealing retail store with 40 feet of cases featuring Wahoo Locker’s award-winning cured meats, a larger processing area, and federal inspection.

See Fusion Tech Ovens First Hand

The best reason to attend the AAMP Bus Tour: you will get to see our new line of industrial smokehouses for yourself!

C & C Processing, one of the facilities on the AAMP Bus Tour, will take you past their recently installed smokehouses they purchased from Fusion Tech. You’ll get to see the unmatched quality of a Fusion Tech oven, ask the C & C Processing crew what they think of the new ovens, and see how our ovens cook their product.

An added bonus: the product line manager for our industrial ovens will be on the tour to answer any of your questions and give you information on our smokehouses, dehydrators, and steam ovens.

Then, during the AAMP Convention, stop by our booth (#146/247) to see how our patent-pending Total-Flow-Control system allows you to control the breakpoint in the oven to evenly cook your product, no matter where it is on the smokehouse truck.

Tour Details

Ready to sign up? The AAMP Bus Tour is open to AAMP members and non-members alike.

Date: July 20, 2016
Time: 8am-4pm
Member Price: $50
Non-Member Price: $250 (includes a one-year membership with AAMP)
Register: Click the button below to download the ticket order form

Get a Head Start!

Want to get a head start on the tour and learn more about our new line of Industrial Ovens? Download our Industrial Ovens catalog to see how a smokehouse, dehydrator, or steam oven from Fusion Tech can increase your oven capacity, increase product yields, and increase product consistency.