Partnership for Ag Equipment Success

Partnerships are important for the success of your agricultural equipment manufacturing business. The right partnerships – those that come alongside your current manufacturing process, assess your needs, and provide valuable solutions – have the potential to take your business to the next level. Decreasing manufacturing costs, increasing equipment output, and providing expert tips and advice along the way are just a few ways your business can benefit from a business partnership.

That’s where Fusion Tech comes in.

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ag needs

8 Reasons to Choose Us for your Ag Needs

When it comes to your agricultural equipment fabrication needs, you need a partner who can come alongside your current manufacturing process, assess your needs, and provide design and fabrication services that increase your ability to keep up with equipment demand while decreasing your manufacturing costs.

That’s where Fusion Tech comes in.

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NY Resolution: Upgrade Your Plant

The next on our list of New Year Resolutions for Food Processing Plants is a big one: Upgrading your plant.

No matter how great your processing plant, there is always some area that could use an upgrade – replacing older, less efficient equipment; investing in ergonomic and safety solutions to reduce the risk of employee injuries; expanding your processing line to increase output; installing an overhead platform to increase processing space; or overhauling your asset management system.

If you’ve been running your plant for a while, there’s bound to be something that could use an upgrade. This new year is a great time to invest in that upgrade.

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packaging equipment

Packaging Equipment to Fit Your Needs

Many food packaging equipment manufacturers specialize in stock equipment – they design a few models, offer a handful of options, and sell the same solution to every processing and packaging plant they can. It’s a great method of selling equipment – for them. They pump out a few hundred of the same pieces of equipment and sell it as the solution to your needs.

Sure, there are some benefits to purchasing stock equipment. You can see pictures of the equipment on their website, know the exact specifications before you contact them, and have a relatively short wait time before the equipment comes.

But what if your packaging needs aren’t met by their one-solution-fits-all approach? What if you require something more robust and durable? What are you supposed to do about all the supporting equipment to get your food product to their piece of equipment?

Stock equipment isn’t always the route to go.

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Bagging More Than Just Food

Bagging stations are fairly common in the food packaging industry. Everything from poultry to meat to breads to snacks come packaged in some kind of bag – making companies in the food processing and packing industry some of the biggest buyers of bagging stations.

But these stations aren’t limited to just the food processing industry. There are a number of uses for custom designed bagging stations in other industries as well.
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Innovating Food Processing

The food processing industry is constantly changing. From what products consumers want to the best practices for creating those products, it can be difficult to stay on top of it all – especially when it comes to your processing equipment. What worked and was relevant five years ago just doesn’t seem to cut it today. There’s always something new, always some better way of processing and packaging your product. With so many changes all the time, why should you even try?

Lagging behind in the food processing industry can cost you, and cost you big. Outdated equipment, less then optimal practices, and sub par technology not only decreases your product output, but also puts you a step behind your competitors before your product even hits the market. It’s setting yourself up for failure before you even try.

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stainless steel finishes

The Best 5 Stainless Steel Finishes in Food Processing

Stainless steel finishes are an important aspect in sanitary food processing equipment, as finishing options alter more than just the appearance of the metal.

A variety of methods are used to achieve stainless steel finishes — hot and cold rolling, grinding with abrasives, buffing with cloth wheels, tumbling, dry etching, sandblasting, acid solutions, bead blasting, and more — each one affecting the surface smoothness in varying degrees.

According to the International Association for Food Protection, surface roughness has been generally related to cleanability of stainless steel, with smoother surfaces often considered more cleanable.

In a sanitary application, such as food processing, stainless steel needs a smooth, scratch-free, and non-corrosive finish to prevent the harboring and growth of bacteria.

Know the Terms

In choosing the type of finish needed for your application, it is important to understand the terms and definitions used for stainless steel finishes.

Surface Texture
The surface of the material including irregularities and deviations, including roughness and grain.

Grit is defined as the size of the abrasive used in the polishing process. Typically coarse, lower grit numbers are associated with grinding and higher grit numbers are associated with polishing. Grit size however does not fully define the surface.

RA (Roughness Average)
A standard for an average of the peaks and valleys of the metal’s surface, measured in microinches or micrometers. A profilometer is used to determine RA values.

RMS (Root Mean Square)
A machining standard used to diagnose machine operations and surface finish.

Stainless Steel Finishes for Food Processing

When it comes to applying stainless steel finishes in the food processing industry, we have found customers prefer these five finishes the most.

Mill Finish2B FinishNo. 4 FinishNo. 4A FinishBead Blast
DescriptionUnfinished steel in basic supply condition.Achieved by cold-rolling, heat-treating, and pickling. A final light rolling pass gives the surface a smooth, reflective gray sheen. It is the standard finish for 304, 304L, and 316 stainless steel.Consistent straight grain finish. It is produced by polishing with a 180-240 grit belt.Fine polishing grit lines that are uniform and directional in appearance. It is produced by polishing with a 180-240 grit belt.Uniform, non-directional, low-reflective surfaces that contrast well with high polished finishes. It is accomplished by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure without damaging the surface.
ApplicationsStructuralMaterial handling, processing, direct food contactClean rooms, food processing equipmentClean rooms, food processing equipment, Pharmaceutical, 3A Dairy StandardsStructural, material handling, food handling
Sanitation EnvironmentNot used in food contact areasSuitable for sanitary wash down proceduresSuitable for sanitary wash down proceduresSuitable for sanitary wash down proceduresSuitable for sanitary wash down procedures
RA>10036 (7 gauge) 15 (16 gauge)29-4018-3145

*The images in this post are a portrayal of the finish and are not completely accurate representations. Screen resolution, picture size, and photo quality all affect the look of the finish in the picture.

The Best Finish

Stainless steel resists corrosion, maintain strength at high temperatures, and is easily maintained — making it ideal for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Top it off with one of the 4 finishes above (not mill, unless the application is only structural in a non-food area!) and you’ll have an easy to clean surface that keeps your food product safe.

agricultural equipment

Experts in Agricultural Equipment

The agricultural industry is a staple in American, and one that requires experts on every level to make sure it runs smoothly. Farmers, seed dealers, grain bin operators, insurance agents, all the way to custom equipment repair shops are all necessary to keep the agricultural industry moving along.

Here at Fusion Tech, we are experts in agricultural equipment, and put our vast experience to work providing you with innovative solutions for your project – be it a simple repair or replacement components for an entire fleet of machines. We have the expertise to design, fabricate, and install everything you need to get up and running again – and we’ll do it on time.
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food processing equipment

Experts in Food Processing Equipment

When it comes to stocking your food processing plant with the necessary equipment, or upgrading your current equipment, it’s imperative to find a supplier who knows the unique challenges of the industry and your specific processing flow. Anyone can pitch ideas of what they think you need based on their stock equipment. Only a professional listens to what you need and designs a solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Here at Fusion Tech, we are experts in food processing equipment design and fabrication. Our team has vast experience in providing production layout and equipment design and fabrication for beef, pork, poultry, dairy, grain, bakery, and so much more. We’ll come in, listen to your unique processes and challenges, and present you with 3D models of a custom solution that will increase your productivity and decrease your overall expense.

And when it comes to designing and fabricating equipment, we can provide anything you need. Here are just some pieces of equipment we’ve provided for our food processing customers:
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