How to Easily Choose Between Enterprise and Unger Cutting Styles

Mixer grinders are important tools in the meat processing industry and are part of many meat processing lines.

The ability to cut meat, mix in additives and preservatives, and extrude into a variety of shapes and casings makes mixer grinders valuable for producing everything from sausage and hot dogs to ground beef and pet food.

There are few facilities that do not have some kind of mixer grinder to optimize the production of their meat product.

While this equipment is popular in the meat processing world, there’s still one question that comes up again and again: do you need an enterprise or unger cutting system?

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meat cutting sanitation

Meat Cutting Sanitation Tips

Proper cleaning is important in your meat cutting sanitation efforts. Not only are there numerous federal, state, and industry regulations on proper sanitation which need to be followed, but regular cleaning of equipment also prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces product contamination.

According to Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities, a seven-step process is commonly used in proper meat cutting sanitation facilities, including1:

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