dehydrated fruit slicer

Watch the FS-19 Slicer Handle 3 Types of Dehydrated Fruit

When we acquired the FS-19 Slicer during our acquisition of Cove Equipment, we knew it was a powerful meat slicer.

You only have to view some of the videos on our website to see how quickly and easily the FS-19 can slice multiple kinds of meat — and produce perfect slice thickness every time. We were amazed ourselves seeing it slice up meat in person.

The FS-19 truly is a great meat slicer. But what about other food products?

A customer recently ask us to test the FS-19 slicer on a product we weren’t expecting: dehydrated fruit.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect. We know it can handle meat, but dehydrated fruit? Would it be able to produce a quality slice on such a small product? Could the FS-19 be used for slicing more than meat?

The Dehydrated Fruit Test

We put the FS-19 Slicer to the test with 3 different types of dehydrated fruit. We think it worked well, but don’t take our word for it. Below you can see the results of the tests for yourself.




A Quality Slicer — For Meat or Fruit

While the FS-19 slicer was designed specifically for cutting meat slices, strips, and cubes, it can easily handle slicing dehydrating fruit as well — and still produce a quality slice every time.

The small footprint of the FS-19 makes it ideal for use in the food service and food processing industries: everything from restaurants, convention centers, caterers, hotels, and more to small-to-mid size food processing plants. Because of the simple construction, the FS-19 slicer is easy to disassemble, enabling easy maintenance and cleaning.

Product Test

Not sure if the FS-19 slicer can handle your food product? Contact us for a product test.

We’ll have you send us samples of your product, and we’ll put it through the FS-19 slicer. We will record the whole process, send you links to view the video, and then ship the sliced product back to you for you to view yourself.

It’s the best way to determine if the FS-19 slicer is right for you.

Download the Catalog

Interested in learning more about the FS-19 slicer? Download our Fusion Cut catalog below. You’ll see samples of meat products that have been run through the machine, as well as learn all the specs and information to help you decide if the FS-19 slicer is right for you.

Fusion Cut Catalog