ergonomic stands durability test

Watch our Ergonomic Stands Handle 3 Types of Excessive Use

Ergonomic and safety solutions, especially ergonomic stands, are a necessity in any food processing facility. The California Department of Labor Statistics and Research reports that workers in food-processing plants have a higher likelihood of being hurt on the job than workers in many other industries.1 A simple investment in solutions such as ergonomic stands can save you from the high cost of employee injury.

Do a quick Google search for ergonomic stands and you’ll find pages after pages of results — some good and some you will have to replace in a few months.

With so many options, and so many variations of quality, how do you find ergonomic stands that fit your budget while also being durable enough to withstand years of excessive use?

Put it to the Test

Simple. You put the ergonomic stand to the test.

We regularly submit our ergonomic stands to rigorous testing, seeing how they stand up to excessive — and even unsafe — use. We’ve tested whether our stands tip, rock back and forth, if they can handle bouncing and jumping, and even how easy they are to adjust — all the factors that are important to use in a food processing facility.

We want to make sure when you invest in a Fusion Tech ergonomic stand, you are getting a high quality, durable stand.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch our testing for yourself!

Durability Test

We put a hard hat on one of our employees and set him loose on one of our stands.

Here’s what we tested:

  • Stability: the stand did not tip over when standing on the front, back, or side edges of the platform
  • Strength: the stand did not buckle or wiggle when moving on the platform
  • Safety: the stand did not tip, wiggle, or move when jumping or bouncing on the platform

Ease of Use Test

As you can see, our ergonomic stands are easy to adjust. Within a few seconds, you can adjust the platform from the bottom to the very top level.

Invest in the Best

Our ergonomic stands are designed to withstand excessive use while also being safe and easy to use. We offer a number of different models to suit your needs, and can custom design an ergonomic stand to your specifications.

Start your search for an ergonomic stand by downloading the Ergonomic Stands catalog. Simply click the button below to get your copy today.

1. Department of Industrial Relations Cal/OSHA Consultation Service Research and Education Unit. Ergonomics in Action: A Guide to Best Practices for the Food-Processing Industry. California: California Department of Industrial Relations, 2003. Print.