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Mixer Grinder Catalog

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Discover the Benefits of Our Mixer Grinders

Fusion Tech’s line of Mixer Grinders are designed to quickly and easily grind fresh meat, although they may be used for grinding various other products as well. Due to the precise adjustment of motor and components, these grinders are reliable, maintenance-free, and enjoy a long service life. Our Mixer Grinders both minces the meat and mixes the meat and are great for preparing sausages. The holes in the lid allow you to monitor the mixing and feed the required additives to the minced meat without stopping the machine.

What’s Included

Download our Mixer Grinder Catalog to see:

  • The differences between an Enterprise and Unger cutting system
  • Applications for our mixer grinders
  • Our three models of mixer grinders
  • What sets our mixer grinders apart from the competition
  • Standard and optional features
  • And more!