Separate beef trim blocks quickly and safely into their original
pieces in order to treat with anti-microbial solution with our
Tempered Block Breaker.

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"Our yields have increased
by approximately 10%.
This equals more profits!"

- Jack Hensley, Operations Manager

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The DeliX is an innovative new way to slice
bulk meat, cheese, and vegetables.

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bacon equipment


Perfect your bacon processing operation — from pork belly
trimming and sortation, to slicing, to cooking and smoking,
to further processing and packaging.

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bacon processing

Custom Food Processing Solutions

At Fusion Tech we specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of ovens, cutting and processing equipment, and infrastructure products for the food processing industry. Our passion for quality and customer service has produced excellent food processing systems that increase product yields and employee safety, while decreasing operating expenses.


Our professional designers can provide you with 3D modeling of facility designs, concept layouts, and equipment detail design for projects big and small.


Because our capabilities encompass all areas of metal forming, fabrication and testing, we maintain process control from concept to completion.


Once fabrication is complete, our team provides delivery and installation services, testing each piece to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

smokehouse dehydrator

Fusion Cook

Thermal Processing

The key to consistency, product uniformity, and processing efficiency in your cooking processing starts with a better oven. Our custom industrial smokehouses, dehydrators, and steam ovens are designed to give you optimal control of the oven resulting in up to a 6% increase in product yields. Sanitary and robust construction, vacuum door seals, oversized fans, ducts, air plenum, wall to floor coves, and our patented Total Flow Control™ damper control system work together to give you unparalleled control of the airflow in the oven.

Fusion Move

Material Handling

Every facility and processing operation is unique — and requires unique solutions to move product from one station to the next. Our custom material handling equipment is designed around your product and operational flow, delivering on your processing goals, reducing overall operating costs, and increasing product output. Industry leading sanitary construction keeps your product safe from costly contamination.

A-11363 dual lane radius conveyors
rib saw

Fusion Cut

Size Reduction

The perfect cut starts with the perfect equipment. Fusion Cut size reduction equipment includes shredders, slicers, meat saws, grinders, deboning and trim stations, and accessories. Industry leading sanitary design construction, continuous flow solutions, and safety features make our size reduction equipment the cleanest and safest on the market, while reducing labor costs.

Fusion Process

Specialty Processing

Fusion Tech is the industry leader in designing completely custom solutions to your processing needs. Our team will evaluate your current operation, needs and goals, and design a solution with less handling, improved food and employee safety, and reduced labor and operating costs.

006192 Meat Log Peeler
pork butt bagging station

Fusion Package


Our Fusion Package offering consists of packaging stations, bagging horns, pack off systems, product scales and scale integration, conveyors, and accessories designed to increase packaging speed while decreasing labor and operational costs. Integration solutions are available to feed product to and from your OEM packaging equipment for a truly automated system.

Fusion Protect

Safety + Ergonomics

Employee safety is key to reducing expenses and workforce turnover. Our Fusion Protect solutions are designed to reduce the risk of injury from musculoskeletal disorders, slips and falls, and improper equipment usage. Safety solutions include ergonomic stands, PushPal cart safety handle, GripTECH anti-slip coating, bollards and guards, and safety features on all of our equipment.

EZ lift 200 ergonomic stand

Fusion Build

Infrastructure + Platforms

A sanitary and efficient processing operation starts with the facility infrastructure. Drains, bollards and guards, stainless steel walls and curbs, and platforms built to exceptional sanitary design standards reduce the risk of product contamination and provide safe access to equipment. We custom design our Fusion Build solutions around your facility and product processing needs.

Fusion Clean


Optimize the cleaning and sanitation of your food processing equipment with our Fusion Clean solutions. Custom designed to protect equipment and employees while speeding up the cleaning process, these solutions include changing room equipment, PPE washers, equipment wash stations, stainless steel sinks, and accessories.

A-13417 Scale Bucket Wash Wall

The Clients to Prove It

We purchased two, two truck ovens in mid 2017. We have been very pleased! We also have a 4 truck oven being built for us currently with a September 2018 Delivery Date. The air flow technology allows us to cover all hot spots and cold spots accordingly. Cooking times decreased by an average of 15%-20%. This is outstanding with sausage and Beef Jerky. Our yields have increased by approximately 10%. This equals more profits! We are very pleased with the service and support team of Fusion Tech.

Jack HensleyOperations Manager, Simmons Pet FoodView Case Study

The Fusion Tech oven reduced our cook time by 3.5 hours, improved color and consistency throughout our product, and increased our product yields. The staff is amazing — they even accepted calls from my smokehouse operators day or night to make sure everything was running correctly and answer any questions.

Michael WilliamsNoah’s Ark ProcessorsView Case Study

The combination of sophisticated technical capacity and strong business values building long-term trusted relationships have always been at the center of our success at Handtmann. Fusion Tech shares that view – and that has let us work together to design and build unique – and uniquely successful – equipment solutions for our customers.

Patrick McGadyNational Sales Manager, Handtmann

I basically get two smokehouses in one with a Fusion Tech smokehouse, a horizontal and a vertical smokehouse. The Fusion Tech oven gives me better consistency and 20% more capacity per rack.

Mike FullardJust Mike’s Jerky - View Smokehouses & Ovens

Fusion Tech worked with us to take our current operation of processing frozen beef trim blocks that took 2 shifts and 22 employees to reach our product goals and reduced it to a 1 shift operation manned by 7 people. We are able to process the same amount of product in 1 shift that we did in two.

Charlie TamburelliBirchwood Foods - View Case Study

The SH-1 Shredder has accelerated our production at the Commissary at Gaylord Opryland Resort by leaps and bounds.  The quick shredding of chicken, pork, or beef products has made the prep time and the production time half of what it was with our other machine.

John GriffinCommissary Senior Sous Chef, Gaylord Opryland Resort - View SH-1 Shredder

Thank you for providing such great service and quality equipment for the water jet project. I received positive comments from management on the project layout, installation, and start-up.

Chris HanischBelly Line Project - View Case Study

Fusion Tech’s 3-D modeling really allowed the customer to see the finished product before it was even produced, allowing them to make necessary changes before production.

John ShearBunzl USA - View Supporting Equipment

Fusion Tech designed and manufactured a custom tank for us. I supplied Fusion Tech with the bolt pattern for our pumps, the volume and height restrictions for the tank, and they did the rest. The approval prints were provided prior to fabrication allowed us to review with production to make sure nothing was missed. The quality of the tank and the lead time exceeded our expectations. I would recommend the team at Fusion Tech for any custom project!

Webb ThomasMaintenance Supervisor, Simmons Pet Food - View Tanks

Optimize Your Operation

Talk to one of our food processing specialists to see how Fusion Tech can help reduce labor expenses, increase food and employee safety, and optimize your facility to live up to its fullest potential.

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