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Unparalleled Cooking and Drying Technology

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Ultimate Breakpoint Control. Better Product.

Our patented airflow technology allows you to control the location and duration of the oven breakpoint, eliminating cold spots in the oven while increasing yields up to 6%, increasing capacity up to 30%, and showing a marked increase in product consistency and coloring.

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Robust Design. Quality Construction. Years of Use.

Our cooking equipment is built to last. Everything from the design, construction, and components used is done to give you a robust machine capable of cooking your product for years.

Download the Fusion Cook catalog to learn more about our cooking and dehydrating equipment.

Airflow Control

Fusion Cook equipment is designed to optimize and control the airflow in an oven — resulting in greater yields and consistency.

Easy to Clean

Fusion Cook equipment exceeds all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements and are designed to be easy to clean.

Custom Designed

We custom design and 3D model every piece of Fusion Cook equipment to meet the needs of your specific application.

Choose the oven for you

We offer four styles of ovens — smokehouses, protein dehydrators, food dehydrators, steam ovens — to fit the needs of your specific product.

Trucks + Trees

Quickly flatten and tenderize fresh or chilled meat with minimal loss of purge or weight, preparing your product for further processing.


Fusion Tech custom designs and manufactures a wide range of oven screens for use in food processing smokehouses, dehydrators, and ovens.

oven breakpoint guide

Oven Breakpoint Guide

Discover how the breakpoint affects product yields, consistency, and color in a
smokehouse or dehydrator with our easy to understand Oven Breakpoint Guide.

Download the guide today!

Oven Breakpoint Guide


We offer a wide range of solutions to make oven cleaning and sanitizing your oven and oven accessories quick and easy.

Smoke Generation

Taste and intensity are key when purchasing a smoke generation system, and the Fusion Tech Smoke Generator gives you both in one system.

Oven Rebuilds

Fusion Tech is the leader in rebuilding your inefficient and run down smokehouse. Our team will demo your current oven components and redesign it into a more efficient, quality smokehouse that meets your needs. We’ll take it a step further by providing custom designed equipment to use in your new smokehouse. It is the perfect solution for a minimum of a 4 truck batch oven.

Decrease Cook Time
Customers have reported up to a 45 minute decrease in cook cycles after a rebuild.

Decrease Heat Loss
New insulation decreases heat loss making your oven more efficient.

Sanitary Design
Our rebuilds exceed all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements, making them easy to clean and safe to use in food processing facilities.

Service + Support

Technical Service

Our technicians will work with your maintenance and operation teams to provide professional, high quality service on your oven.


Our technicians can remote into your Fusion Tech oven to diagnose the issue and, in most cases, troubleshoot the problem right then.

Oven Evaluation

We can provide a professional evaluation of your current oven, presenting you with suggestions to increase the efficiency and operation of your oven.

Airflow Simulation

Early in the design process, our designers easily simulate airflow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to the success of the design of the oven.

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