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Quality Material Handling Solutions

Sanitary Design Requirements. Exceeded.

We take sanitary design seriously — and design our material handling equipment to exceed all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements to keep your food product safe.

Robust Design. Quality Construction. Years of Use.

Our material handling equipment is built to last. Everything from the design, construction, and components used is done to give you a robust machine capable of moving your product for years.

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Sanitary Design

Fusion Move material handling equipment exceeds all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements and are designed to be easy to clean.

Employee Safe

A wide variety of safety and ergonomic features make Fusion Move material handling equipment the safest on the market.

Custom Designed

We custom design and 3D model every piece of Fusion Move material handling equipment to meet the needs of your specific application.

Standard Conveyors

Our sanitary conveyors are manufactured to exceed all sanitary design requirements and include CIP (clean-in-place), COP (clean-out-of-place), and safety features offer flexibility and customization, giving you the exact conveyor you need for your specific application.

Packaging Conveyors

Fusion Tech packaging conveyors are designed to provide robust and efficient boxing and bagging solutions for your food product.

Press Conveyors

Quickly flatten and tenderize fresh or chilled meat with minimal loss of purge or weight, preparing your product for further processing.

Screw Conveyors

Our screw conveyors (also known as helix conveyors, auger conveyors, and spiral conveyors) offer efficiency and versatility, conveying bulk materials ranging from large pellets to sub-micron powders with no separation of blending products.

Specialty Conveyors

We offer a wide range of custom and specialty conveyors to move, sort, detect, and flatten your specific product. Every specialty conveyor started as a custom designed conveyor for one of our customers.


Our dumpers offer efficiency and versatility, dumping products from vats, boxes, barrels, and drums. We can customize any dumper to fit the product container needing to be dumped.


Our tippers offer efficiency and versatility, tipping products from vats, boxes, barrels, and drums to allow for safe and ergonomic unloading. We can customize any tipper to fit the product container needing to be tipped.


Our hoppers are designed to provide flow surge control, volumetric metered flow out, storage of free flowing products, product screening, and more for a variety of product types.

Carts + Racks

Our carts and racks provide high-capacity, safe transportation of product and supplies throughout your facility. We can custom design the exact cart or rack to meet your needs.

Specialty Equipment

We have designed a number of custom material handling solutions and systems for the food processing industry.

Download the Fusion Move catalog to learn more about our material handling solutions.

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