5 Reasons to Purchase Fusion Tech Conveyors

Fusion Tech is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom conveyor systems. Over the last ten years, we have designed countless solutions for a number of food processing industries, including bakery, dairy, candy, meat, poultry, grain and even pharmaceutical processors. Our conveyors are in processing plants across the nation.

But what makes our conveyors so appealing? Here are just a few reasons why food processing companies choose Fusion Tech conveyors for their plants.

Custom Designed

Our conveyor systems are custom designed to meet your needs. Our team can layout your whole processing line and custom design each conveyor. We provide approval drawings and 3D models as well as detailed drawings at delivery for easy part and conveyor re-order.

Ergonomic Design

We take safety seriously, and design our conveyors to be ergonomically sound. Adjustable ergonomic floor stands, adjustable foot pads or casters, appropriate widths to decrease employee reach are all factored in to reduce the risk of injury.

Easy to Clean

All of our conveyors are designed to comply with AMI Sanitary Equipment Design Principles. Our conveyors are made of high grade stainless steel with continuous TIG welds to prevent bacteria from harboring and growing in niches. CIP spray bars can be added to maximize cleanability, horizontal surfaces are minimized, and belt lifters provide quick and easy washdown.

Built to Last

We take pride in our equipment, and build everything to last. We use high grade stainless steel for durability, use machined UHMW carry-ways affixed by pins to allow for expansion and contractions, chrome plate return shafts for wear resistance with UHMW return roller, and glass bead blast finish the frame. Our conveyors don’t just look good. They are built to last.

Innovation Included

Our team is constantly innovating – providing you the latest and best equipment for your processing line. We won’t just supply what you need, we’ll exceed it, and leave you amazed with your new equipment.