Ergonomics in Food Packaging

Most bagging and packaging operations require employees to stand in a single location and perform repetitive movements all day. Some require heavy lifting or awkward postures to get the final product into its proper packaging – not the most ergonomically sound practices.

While there is no way around requiring your employees to be at a singular packaging station all day, there are a number of ways to reduce the stress, awkward posturing, and heavy lifting that could easily lead to employee injuries.

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packaging equipment

Packaging Equipment to Fit Your Needs

Many food packaging equipment manufacturers specialize in stock equipment – they design a few models, offer a handful of options, and sell the same solution to every processing and packaging plant they can. It’s a great method of selling equipment – for them. They pump out a few hundred of the same pieces of equipment and sell it as the solution to your needs.

Sure, there are some benefits to purchasing stock equipment. You can see pictures of the equipment on their website, know the exact specifications before you contact them, and have a relatively short wait time before the equipment comes.

But what if your packaging needs aren’t met by their one-solution-fits-all approach? What if you require something more robust and durable? What are you supposed to do about all the supporting equipment to get your food product to their piece of equipment?

Stock equipment isn’t always the route to go.

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shelf life

Food Packaging Shelf Life

Food packaging has a number of uses – from guarding against contamination to sealing in freshness and increasing the shelf life of many food products. The shelf life of any given product ranges from several days to indefinitely, depending on the type of food and type of packaging used. It may not always be easy to determine the shelf life of a food product just by looking at its packaging, so we’ve put together a table explaining the different types of food packaging and their expected shelf lives.

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Bagging More Than Just Food

Bagging stations are fairly common in the food packaging industry. Everything from poultry to meat to breads to snacks come packaged in some kind of bag – making companies in the food processing and packing industry some of the biggest buyers of bagging stations.

But these stations aren’t limited to just the food processing industry. There are a number of uses for custom designed bagging stations in other industries as well.
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