4 Reasons You Need a Block Breaker for Your Plant

More and more large food service companies, like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, require the meat in their beef patties to be treated with a citric acid spray to reduce or eliminate bacteria in the product — putting pressure on meat processors to find ways to effectively and efficiently treat beef trim pieces.

Meat processors that adapt to include a treatment spray on trim pieces will benefit greatly from getting ahead of this new processing trend.

The problem arises in that most trim pieces are frozen in blocks. Spraying the outside of the blocks isn’t enough to meet the treatment requirements set by the food service companies. Only one side of a few pieces of trim are treated.

In order to effectively treat all trim pieces, the frozen blocks need to be broken back down into their original pieces without cutting or grinding, so as to avoid re-labeling requirements set by the USDA.

So, what’s the best solution?

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NY Resolution: Upgrade Your Plant

The next on our list of New Year Resolutions for Food Processing Plants is a big one: Upgrading your plant.

No matter how great your processing plant, there is always some area that could use an upgrade – replacing older, less efficient equipment; investing in ergonomic and safety solutions to reduce the risk of employee injuries; expanding your processing line to increase output; installing an overhead platform to increase processing space; or overhauling your asset management system.

If you’ve been running your plant for a while, there’s bound to be something that could use an upgrade. This new year is a great time to invest in that upgrade.

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NY Resolution: Invest in Quality Equipment

Another great new year’s resolution for food processing plants is purchasing quality equipment.

It seems like a no-brainer. When you’re shelling out thousands of dollars in equipment to increase your product output and decrease your operating expenses – especially with automated equipment – you would think purchasing quality equipment would be a non-negotiable. The success of your plant depends on quality, reliable equipment that keeps running for years to come.

Unfortunately, many food processing plants make it a habit to purchase lower-quality equipment in the name of saving a few dollars upfront. They compare price tags, but often fail to realize that they will likely replace the lower quality (and lower cost) equipment two or three times before they would replace the higher quality equipment – which will cost much more than the difference in price tags.

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6 Resolutions for Food Processing Plants

The start of a new year means one thing – New Year’s Resolutions abound! You don’t have to look far to find someone (maybe even yourself) who has made a list of resolutions for 2015. It’s a given – people make resolutions at the start of the year.

While resolutions are usually reserved for individuals, there are a number of resolutions that, if enacted, would benefit food processing plants immensely – both in increased production and in decreased costs.

Over the next month, we’ll take each of these resolutions and expound on them but, until then, here are the Six New Years Resolutions for Food Processing Plants:

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processing equipment

Processing Equipment Solutions by Industry

As experts in food processing equipment, there’s next to nothing we can’t do. Our team of designers, drafters, project managers, fabricators, and installers are known for crafting custom solutions for your processing equipment needs – in multiple food processing industries.

Below is just a small glimpse of the kind of solutions we are able to provide, broken down by industry.

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Innovating Food Processing

The food processing industry is constantly changing. From what products consumers want to the best practices for creating those products, it can be difficult to stay on top of it all – especially when it comes to your processing equipment. What worked and was relevant five years ago just doesn’t seem to cut it today. There’s always something new, always some better way of processing and packaging your product. With so many changes all the time, why should you even try?

Lagging behind in the food processing industry can cost you, and cost you big. Outdated equipment, less then optimal practices, and sub par technology not only decreases your product output, but also puts you a step behind your competitors before your product even hits the market. It’s setting yourself up for failure before you even try.

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meat myths

Debunking Meat Myths

There are a lot of myths when it comes to meat – especially in the way consumers view the meat processing and packing industry. Hormone injections, health and safety inspection frequencies, the safety of eating processing meat, livestock affects on the environment, and the cost of meat are just a few areas where conjecture, fear, and scare-tactics have caused meat myths to arise.

It can often be difficult for the consumer to determine meat myths from truth, especially when said myths are highlighted in the news and on websites across the world. So how do you accurately debunk meat myths and learn the truth?

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Guidelines for Purchasing a Mixer

When it comes to equipping your processing plant with an industrial mixer, there are a lot of options to consider. Should you go with a static mixer? What size should the mixer be? Should you use an impeller or a blade? Should you go with a stock mixer or opt for a custom solution designed to fit your process? What sort of capacity should the mixer be able to handle? The list goes on and on.

Choosing the right options for your industrial mixer may seem like a daunting task, but is ultimately worth while to guarantee your mixer fits perfectly with what you are trying to accomplish.

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food processing equipment

Experts in Food Processing Equipment

When it comes to stocking your food processing plant with the necessary equipment, or upgrading your current equipment, it’s imperative to find a supplier who knows the unique challenges of the industry and your specific processing flow. Anyone can pitch ideas of what they think you need based on their stock equipment. Only a professional listens to what you need and designs a solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Here at Fusion Tech, we are experts in food processing equipment design and fabrication. Our team has vast experience in providing production layout and equipment design and fabrication for beef, pork, poultry, dairy, grain, bakery, and so much more. We’ll come in, listen to your unique processes and challenges, and present you with 3D models of a custom solution that will increase your productivity and decrease your overall expense.

And when it comes to designing and fabricating equipment, we can provide anything you need. Here are just some pieces of equipment we’ve provided for our food processing customers:
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