cvm vacuum tumbler

Small to Medium-Sized Processors— Here’s why you’ll want the Henneken Type CVM Vacuum Tumbler

There seems to be an endless array of vacuum tumblers on the market today for processors to choose from, and researching the advantages of all the different platforms can be overwhelming.

That’s because there are a lot of factors that weigh in when investing in a new tumbler. For example, you might be looking to purchase based on a particular function, or maybe your priority is longevity.

The good news is that determining which tumbler is the right one for your processing needs doesn’t have to be a headache.

If you’re a small to medium-size processor, the Henneken Type CVM Vacuum Tumbler might be a worthy contender.

Their type CVM model is superior to competitors because of the versatility it offers. Thanks to the diversity of its applications, its compact footprint, and its unique design, feeling good about your investment in a tumbler just got easier.

The Henneken Type CVM tumbler is sold exclusively by Fusion Tech in the U.S.

Here are its benefits at a glance.

Diversity of Applications for the Type CVM Tumbler

The Type CVM tumbler boasts versatility and functionality, with a wide variety of applications. Unlike traditional tumblers, the type CVM allows for mixing, tumbling, and massaging products— all in one place.

Processors can utilize the same tumbler for different emulsions and recipes. Clean-up between products also is made simple with easy-to-remove parts.

The type CVM is equally conducive to a wide range of batch sizes. Thanks to its 90º tilting capability, the operator can easily and fully tilt any quantity as needed for proper batching. This is a significant feature for small to medium processors who are otherwise limited by their batch size capabilities.


Aside from its diverse applications, the Type CVM tumbler’s compact size also makes it an easy choice. If you’re operating out of a processor that’s on the smaller side, you’ll be glad to know that the type CVM takes up a fraction of the space that traditional tumblers do, with the same amount of power.

Design features

As if its functionality and compact footprint didn’t stand out enough, one of the biggest benefits of the type CVM tumbler has to do with its design.

Stainless Steel Jacket

Most tumblers on the market use traditional copper coils for heating and cooling — coils that corrode over time and aren’t accessible to repair.

Common copper tubing in a tumbler jacket.

Copper tubing that has corroded.

The CVM tumbler is designed with an all-stainless steel jacket to prevent corrosion. This gives more longevity to the CVM tumbler over other tumblers on the market.

CVM all stainless steel jacket.

CVM all stainless steel jacket.

External Vacuum

The CVM tumbler also boasts a fully-inspectable external vacuum, allowing the operator to see through the vacuum lines and spot and clear blockages quickly.

This can be a hassle with the competition, where vacuum lines are embedded into the structure. Blockages can’t be detected, nor can lines be cleared or replaced.

Invest in a CVM Tumbler

In short, if you’re a small or medium operation, Henneken’s type CVM vacuum tumbler is a sound choice with multiple benefits compared to others on the market.

It is a truly unique product with regard to its conduciveness to an array of batch sizes and functions, as well as its sensible footprint and innovative practical design.

Want to see the CVM in person? We will have multiple models available to see in person at the AAMP tradeshow this July. Visit our booth to learn more and see the CVMs in action.