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2023 End of Year Donation Vote

December at Fusion Tech means one thing: It’s time for our annual End of Year Donation Vote! Since 2017, we stopped sending out Christmas cards (that always end up in the trash anyway) and gave that money to a charity making a difference in the world. Charities are helped. Trees are saved. And lives are […]

How to Tighten Process Controls for a Cleaner Food Label

Replacing functional ingredients with natural alternatives can cause serious product quality issues without the right process controls. Many processors are replacing, reducing, or removing functional ingredients to create a cleaner label, but don’t fully understand the impact those replacements can have on product quality. Last month, we shared 9 natural alternatives that were the best […]

9 Natural Ingredients to Use in Cleaner Label Products

Over the last 10-15 years, the food industry has made a shift to create products with “cleaner labels” or natural ingredients. This trend stemmed from consumers demanding healthier options. Think back to Panera Bread’s “No-No” List that pushed the demand to remove chemical-sounding ingredients from their products. Ingredients containing “-ites” and “-ates” in their name, […]

How to Perform Thermal Mapping and Balancing of Your Industrial Oven

Thermal mapping of an industrial oven is an important procedure to enhance your product in the cooking cycle. Mapping and balancing your oven will help you troubleshoot product issues and improve product consistency, yields, and throughput. It’s the not-so-secret step to ensuring your industrial oven produces the results you want. In this article, we’ll walk […]

Starter Cultures for Making Fermented Sausages

Starter cultures are a key element in the production of fermented sausages at scale. They create a desirable environment for good bacteria to grow, aid in producing the sausage’s flavor, texture, and color, and can shorten the fermentation process by weeks if not months. Getting the right results, though, can be tricky. In this article, […]

Why You Should Buy Equipment from Food Scientists

Purchasing equipment for your food processing facility is an investment — one you hope is being made with a level of expertise and insight into your challenges and needs. You need this equipment to solve a specific problem, produce a specific outcome, and integrate seamlessly into your operations.