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Sanitation & Clean Room Solutions

Food Safety and Sanitation. They Go Hand in Hand.

Sanitation plays a huge role in keeping your food product safe from bacteria. Our team of food safety experts can design a unique and custom solution to keep your equipment clean and sanitized.

A-13417 Scale Bucket Wash Wall
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Robust Design. Quality Construction. Years of Use.

Our cleaning and sanitation solutions are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application and are manufactured to the highest of standards — meaning your Fusion Clean solutions will last for years of use in the most demanding environments.

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Custom Designed

We custom design and 3D model all Fusion Clean solutions to meet the needs of your specific application.

Employee Safe

Our Fusion Clean solutions come equipped with features to keep your employees safe.

Sanitary Design

Fusion Clean solutions exceed all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements and are designed to be easy to clean.

AMI Sanitary Design Requirements

We take sanitary equipment design seriously and guarantee our equipment meets all sanitary requirements for the meat and poultry industries. Every piece of equipment is designed for 100% cleanability, easy wash-down, and is manufactured with continuous TIG welds to prevent bacteria from harboring and growing. Ultimately, our commitment to sanitary design and construction decreases your cleaning and sanitation costs and increases your bottom line.

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Changing Room Equipment

Fusion Tech changing room equipment is custom designed to provide efficient and effective storage of employee protective gear.

Protective Equipment (PPE) Washers

Quickly and easily clean personal protective equipment with our PPE equipment washers.

Equipment Wash Stations

Clean and sanitize equipment and equipment parts quickly and easily to prevent bacteria growth and food contamination.


Stainless steel sinks provide efficient and sanitary cleaning stations for equipment and employees.

Cleaning Carts

Easily clean equipment components and accessories with our cleaning carts.


Optimize your cleaning and sanitation procedures with a variety of accessories.

Cleaning + Sanitation Tips

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