producing meat sticks

A Step-by-Step Guide to Producing Meat Sticks

The popularity of producing meat sticks is on the rise.

According to NielsonIQ, processors sold $718M worth of meat sticks in the 52 weeks ending on August 28, 2021 – which was up 3.8% from the previous 52-week time frame.

That trend continues to rise, causing meat processors to consider adding meat sticks to their production lines.

The only problem: many small to medium-sized processors don’t know to effectively and efficiently produce meat snack sticks.
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Fusion Tech Makes a Donation To Rally for Reid

Fusion Tech, a leading manufacturer of custom engineered food processing equipment and systems located in Roseville, Illinois, made a donation of $10,000 to the Rally for Reid. In addition, donations of $5,000 will be made to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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donation vote

2022 End of Year Donation Vote

In 2017, we started a holiday tradition that has been a customer, employee, and community favorite.

Rather than send out Christmas cards that eventually get thrown away, we take the money we would spend on printing and postage, add some to it, and donate that money to a deserving, amazing charity.

Charities are helped. Trees are saved. And lives are changed.

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band saw

Manual vs Automatic Band Saws: Which is Better?

Meat band saws are an integral part of any portioning operation.

The ability to work with cuts of meat that are not uniform and hard to automate is why band saws are so popular.

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Vacuum Tumbler

Which Integrated Cooling System is Best for a Vacuum Tumbler?

Investing in an integrated cooling system for your vacuum tumbler can seem overwhelming.

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find a number of optional cooling systems you can include when purchasing a tumbler.

Every manufacturer will tell you their system is best, but is it really?

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6 Construction Aspects to Consider When Purchasing a Smokehouse

The success of smoked meat products has significantly increased over the last few decades. As one of the oldest methods of food preservation, the smoked meat industry continues to grow as does the demand for dried and smoked protein products. For processors, that means that industrial smokehouses are becoming vital to their lifeline.

Yet industrial smokehouses are one of the biggest investments a processor can make. Making sure to understand what to look for before the buying stage is crucial to the longevity of the investment.

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conveyor systems

12 Design Factors to Consider When Investing in a Conveyor System

Sanitary conveyor systems are a significant investment for most food processors, especially when integrating multiple pieces of OEM equipment into a cohesive line.

Ensuring you invest in the right conveyor system is vital to the future of any processor– because it must meet your needs for construction, design, functionality, maintenance, food safety, quality control, and employee safety.

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injector maintenance

How Maintaining Your Injector Affects Product Quality and Yields

Industrial injectors are a big investment, so it’s worthwhile to regularly inspect and maintain them to ensure product longevity. But there’s even more reason to preserve them in an optimal state when it comes to yield consistency, food quality and safety, and expensive downtime.

While injector equipment manufacturers provide information on how to care for the company’s investment, these manuals are often lengthy and overwhelming. Sometimes, they’re not even accessible to personnel. All of this results in many processors neglecting to properly maintain their injectors.

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chilled brine

Should You Chill Your Brine?

Understanding proper brining methods for meat and meat alternatives are essential when it comes to improving product yields, product quality and your bottom line as a processor.

The process of brining generally entails marinating the meat or meat alternative in a solution (brine) containing salt and other functional ingredients before cooking.

Brining allows for a moist end result because it hydrates the cells of the muscle tissue before cooking as well as helps the cells to hold on to the water while they are being cooked.

That means that the process of brining, and doing so correctly, is crucial for processors who want to produce a tasty, quality meat product for consumers.

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cvm vacuum tumbler

Small to Medium-Sized Processors— Here’s why you’ll want the Henneken Type CVM Vacuum Tumbler

There seems to be an endless array of vacuum tumblers on the market today for processors to choose from, and researching the advantages of all the different platforms can be overwhelming.

That’s because there are a lot of factors that weigh in when investing in a new tumbler. For example, you might be looking to purchase based on a particular function, or maybe your priority is longevity.

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