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Reduce the Risk of Employee Injury. Save Money.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports injury and illness rates for the Meat Packing Industry as 2 ½ times higher than the national average.* A small investment in safety and ergonomic equipment can reduce your risk of employee injury and save you thousands of dollars.

erg-100 ergonomic stand
RMS18629 chemical tote containment tank

Robust Design. Quality Construction. Years of Use.

Our safety and ergonomic equipment is built to last. Everything from the design, construction, and components used is done to give you durable solutions to protect your employees from injury.

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OSHA Compliant

Our safety and ergonomic solutions meet all OSHA requirement for employee safety and reduce the risk of employee injury.

Sanitary Design

Fusion Protect safety and ergonomic equipment exceeds all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements and are designed to be easy to clean.

Custom Designed

We custom design and 3D model every piece of Fusion Protect safety and ergonomic equipment to meet the needs of your specific application.

GripTECH™ Anti-Slip Coating

GripTECH™ is our anti-slip coating that can be applied to any item you order from Fusion Tech. Specially designed for one of our clients, GripTECH™ creates an extreme surface hardness and bond strength providing a rugged a durable slip-resistant surface with a long usage life that does not rust.

It is ideal for food and beverage applications, as the anti-slip coating is chemical and corrosion resistant. It cleans easily via power washing and is designed to last for years of heavy usage.

Ergonomic Stands

Position employees at an ergonomically-safe height to reduce the risk of musculo-skeletal disorders with our line of ergonomic stands.

Containment Tanks

Contain dangerous chemicals and reduce the risk of spills with chemical containment tanks custom designed to fit your tote.

Bollards + Guards

Reduce the risk of slips and falls with these standard GripTECH anti-slip products. All products can be custom designed.

GripTECH Anti-Slip Products

Protect your employees from slips and falls with GripTECH anti-slip coated products.

Cart Safety

Reduce the risk of injuries associated with smokehouse and dehydrator carts.

Download the product catalog to learn more about Fusion Protect Safety & Ergonomic Solutions.

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Worker Safety in Meat and Poultry Industry

The American Meat Institute, together with OSHA, released Voluntary Ergonomics Guidelines to help companies in the meat and poultry industry improve ergonomics and prevent the occurrence of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the workplace. The goal of any ergonomics program is to reduce, to the greatest extent possible, the physiological cost of performing work.

Our team will work with you to provide ergonomic solutions to decrease the risk of employee injury and the costs associated with employee downtime. We can offer product suggestions to get your manufacturing process up to the Voluntary Ergonomic Guidelines.

You can view a copy of those guidelines here.

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