overhead platform

Overhead Platform Safety Tips

Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths – and incorporating an overhead platform into your processing plant increases the possibility of employees being injured by a fall, especially when the proper measures haven’t been taken to ensure employee safety.

When purchasing a mezzanine or other overhead platform into your processing plant, safety should be key. A few simple adjustments made during the design of your mezzanine can provide a number of safety benefits to your employees – and save you thousands in employee injury claims.

Get Safe on an Overhead Platform

The following suggestions will help increase the safety of your employees as they work and function on overhead platforms:

  • Provide a guardrail and toe board around every open-sided platform, floor, or walkway
  • Include handrails on all staircases and ladders
  • Train employees on proper use of equipment while on an overhead platform
  • Rework manufacturing tasks that require leaning over the side of an overhead platform
  • Utilize safety gates where employees use overhead platforms to access equipment
  • Invest in non-slip coating for all stair treads, ladder rungs, and flooring
  • If necessary, provide  a safety harness and line
  • Take your mother’s advice: no running!

These safety designs and equipment will protect your employees as they work on an overhead platform – and save you thousands in possible employee injuries.