dehydrated fruit slicer

Watch the FS-19 Slicer Handle 3 Types of Dehydrated Fruit

When we acquired the FS-19 Slicer during our acquisition of Cove Equipment, we knew it was a powerful meat slicer.

You only have to view some of the videos on our website to see how quickly and easily the FS-19 can slice multiple kinds of meat — and produce perfect slice thickness every time. We were amazed ourselves seeing it slice up meat in person.

The FS-19 truly is a great meat slicer. But what about other food products?

A customer recently ask us to test the FS-19 slicer on a product we weren’t expecting: dehydrated fruit.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect. We know it can handle meat, but dehydrated fruit? Would it be able to produce a quality slice on such a small product? Could the FS-19 be used for slicing more than meat?

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enterprise or unger cutting system

Enterprise or Unger Cutting: The Easy Way to Choose

When purchasing a mixer grinder for your food processing facility, restaurant, or convention center, the most confusing choice is the cutting system: do you want an enterprise or unger cutting system?

The names don’t do much to explain the cutting system nor why you would want one over the over. What exactly is an unger and why would you want it in your meat grinder? How does the name enterprise relate to grinding? Which system is best for the ground product you want to produce?

Choosing the correct cutting system is vital to producing the ground product you’ll be proud to put your name on. So how do you choose?

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cove slicers and dicers

Easily Compare our 3 Models of Cove Slicers & Dicers

Our line of Cove Slicers and Dicers are some of the best on the market.

They produce perfect slice thickness and dice size every time, allow for a continuous product flow, and are constructed of high grade stainless steel to make them easy to clean and maintain.

We even put our slicers and dicers to the test handling jerky, bacon bits, and meat snacks in these videos to show you how great our Cove Slicers and Dicers truly are.

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meat slicers

Watch Our Meat Slicers Handle 9 Different Kinds of Meat

When it comes to slicing a variety of meat, our Cove Meat Slicers rise to the challenge.

We regularly put our meat slicers to the test, trying everything from beef, chicken, and pork to duck and even tofurky. We want to make sure our Cove Meat Slicers can provide you with easy and consistent slice thickness every time, no matter what meat product you slice.

The results? Perfect slice thickness every time.

Don’t take our word for it! We’ve recorded a number of our slicer tests to show our clients (and you!) how our sclicers handle their product.

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meat slicing machine better than commercial slicer

4 Reasons Meat Slicing Machines are Better than Commercial Slicers

The popularity of sliced meat has brought with it a number of devices to help make slicing easier — the most common being commercial, table top slicers.

For years, these devices have been the tool of choice for restaurants, food vendors, schools, and some meat processing plants looking to provide sliced meat options to their customers. They are relatively cheap, easy to use, and give you the sliced meat you’re looking for.

But are these devices the best option for getting perfect slice thickness?

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fs-19 slicer blade results

View the Results of our FS-19 Slicer 18mm and 6mm Blades

The FS-19 Slicer in our line of meat slicers continually rises to the challenge of slicing a variety of fresh and cooked meat, poultry, liver, and fish fillets.

We regularly put our FS-19 slicer to the test, slicing a variety of meat products at different blade thicknesses to make sure our meat slicer can provide you with perfect slice thickness every time. We’ve tried everything from beef jerky, boiled beef, and dip boiled beef to dip boiled chicken, boiled chicken, bacon, jerky, and snack sticks.

The result? Consistently perfect slice thickness every time.

Don’t take our word for it! We sliced beef jerky, boiled beef, dip boiled beef, dip boiled chicken, and boiled chicken in our FS-19 Slicer with an 18mm and 6mm blade and took pictures so you can see the quality of our slices.

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slicer for your restaurant

3 Smart Reasons to Buy a Slicer for Your Restaurant

Sliced meat is the staple of many popular dishes in restaurants around the country. You can find some variety of sliced meat in everything from sandwiches to appetizers to main entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The popularity of sliced meat in dishes can cause stress in the kitchens of many restaurants — finding a way to efficiently and quickly slice meat while keeping a consistent slice thickness can be difficult. Keeping an eye on the supply of sliced meat, quickly slicing fresh or cooked meat, avoiding the dreaded sorry, we’re out of that item situation takes a lot of time and energy.

There is a solution to the struggle of keeping up with the demand for sliced meat: investing in an industrial meat slicer for your restaurant.

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meat slicers bacon jerky snack sticks

Watch our Meat Slicers Quickly Cut Bacon, Jerky, and Snack Sticks

When it comes to slicing bacon, jerky, and meat snack sticks, our Cove Meat Slicers rise to the challenge.

We regularly put our meat slicers to the test, trying a variety of meat products to make sure our Cove Meat Slicers can provide you with the perfect slice thickness every time. We’ve tried everything from chicken, beef, and pork, as well pre-smoked and dried meat such as bacon, jerky, and snack sticks.

The result? Consistent slice thickness every time.

Don’t take our word for it! We’ve recorded our Cove Meat Slicers handling bacon, jerky, and meat snacks so our customers (and you!) can see our slicers in action.

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necessary options meat slicer

6 Necessary Options to Look for in a Meat Slicer

The rise in popularity of pre-sliced meat has made a meat slicer a must-have item for restaurants and food processing facilities alike.

The ability to quickly and easily slice meat product, rather than slicing it apart by hand, allows for faster service, greater output, and ultimately, more satisfied customers.

If you’re looking to provide perfectly sliced meat to your customers, a meat slicing machine is one of the most important tools you can purchase. But how do you know what slicer to buy? How do you determine what features and options you need?

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buying a meat slicer

5 Money Saving Tips for Buying a Meat Slicer

Buying a meat slicer, or any equipment really, for your meat shop or food processing facility can be costly. Getting the features you want in the time frame you want it and making it integrate easily with your current processes adds up — and sometimes you don’t know the full cost until you’ve paid it.

Saving money when buying a meat slicer starts with knowing the full cost of the machine. Until you know the associated costs of the meat slicer you want to buy, you won’t have a clear idea of how well it fits within your budget.

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