producing meat sticks

A Step-by-Step Guide to Producing Meat Sticks

The popularity of producing meat sticks is on the rise.

According to NielsonIQ, processors sold $718M worth of meat sticks in the 52 weeks ending on August 28, 2021 – which was up 3.8% from the previous 52-week time frame.

That trend continues to rise, causing meat processors to consider adding meat sticks to their production lines.

The only problem: many small to medium-sized processors don’t know to effectively and efficiently produce meat snack sticks.
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band saw

Manual vs Automatic Band Saws: Which is Better?

Meat band saws are an integral part of any portioning operation.

The ability to work with cuts of meat that are not uniform and hard to automate is why band saws are so popular.

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meat band saw

How to Improve Safety on a Meat Band Saw

Cutting meat with a band saw can be extremely dangerous.

Every year, 4,000 meat band saw-related amputations take place in the meatpacking industry. These injuries can be avoided through the right safety measures.

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How to Choose the Best Meat Slicer

Choosing the best meat slicer for your application can be tricky.

Don’t believe me? Jump on Google and do a quick search for “meat slicers”. You’ll end up getting over 8.6 MILLION results — almost all claiming to be the best meat slicer you can buy.

So how do you choose the best meat slicer for your needs?

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the best way to slice beef jerky

The Best Way to Slice Beef Jerky

The popularity of beef jerky is on the rise.

At more than $1 billion in sales in 2017, beef jerky is just entering the growth phase of its life cycle.

According to research from Technavio, global meat snack sales could hit $9.47 billion by 2021, which would be a 9.4% compound annual growth rate. Roughly half of global meat snack sales are jerky products.

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meat slicer safety

How to Improve Safety on a Meat Slicer

Slicing meat is a dangerous task.

A meat slicer is basically a series of large, extremely sharp blades that rotate quickly so it can cut through even the toughest of tissue.

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shred meat hot

Why You Need to Shred Protein Hot

The popularity of shredded protein — both meat and a soy-based meat alternative — is on the rise.

You only have to do a quick Google Search for shredded meat to see how popular it is, and scroll through hundreds of thousands of recipes, tips, and shredded protein products.

Americans love shredded meat, and it shows.

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snack stick cutter

The Best Way to Cut Meat Sticks

The popularity of meat sticks is on the rise.

In 2017, processors made a combined total of over $1.3 billion in retail sales of meat sticks, up from $466 million in 2015. That’s almost a billion dollar increase in just two years!

Clearly, Americans love their meat sticks.

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Should Pet Food Processors Invest in a Meat Shredder?

Shredded meat is making its way into the pet food world.

Dog and cat owners increasingly want to see recognizable meat and vegetable pieces in their pet’s food as part of a larger trend towards more natural, less processed pet food.

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shredding hot cold

The 1 Overlooked Difference Between Shredding Hot and Cold

The number one question we get asked concerning shredding protein is this: should I be shredding hot or cold?

It’s a legitimate question to ask. The temperature of your protein product when you run it through a shredding machine plays a big role in the consistency and look of the shreds.

Choose the wrong temperature (hot versus cold), and you’ll wind up with shreds you weren’t expecting — and, as many do, blame the shredding machine for the less than desirable outcome to your shreds.

Answering this question starts with having a goal in mind for your shreds.

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