Bacon Processing Solutions

Fusion Tech can custom design and manufacture every aspect of your bacon processing operation — from pork belly trimming and sortation, to slicing, to cooking and smoking, to further processing and packaging.

Our food processing experts will work with your team to determine the best solution to decrease operating costs, increase product yields, and perfect your smoking process. We involve your whole team — engineering, maintenance, production, safety, and sanitation — to design equipment layouts around your plant and needs, not the other way around, guaranteeing you our bacon processing equipment will be the perfect solution for your plant.

The result? A profitable bacon-processing operation you will love with a bacon taste your customers will love.

Ready to make better bacon? Contact us today to get started.


  • Equipment layouts and design
  • 3D models to view solutions before manufacturing
  • Food processing experts designing effective solutions
  • Work with your team to determine your processing needs
  • Exceed all sanitary design requirements
  • High-grade stainless steel construction
  • Custom design and fabrication
  • Installation services
  • Ergonomic solutions to increase safety
  • Quality control from start to finish
  • Less downtime resulting in more productivity and greater return on investment

Equipment Available

  • Conveyors
  • Hangers
  • Trees
  • Carts
  • Racks
  • Belly Flippers
  • Belly Rollers
  • Belly Flatteners
  • Belly Trimming
  • Trays
  • Tables
  • And More!

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