Pork Belly Press & Pump Lines

Project Overview

Project Details

Daily’s Premium Meats, a manufacturer of smoked and processed meats, came to us needing two systems for their state-of-the-art bacon processing plant in St. Joseph, Missouri: pork belly press line and pork belly pump line.

Upon meeting with the client and visiting the facility, our team designed, fabricated, and installed two pork belly lines:

  • Belly Press: a system to safely and easily remove pork bellies from smokehouse trees, remove belly combs, and align bellies to be fed into a belly press
  • Belly Pump: a system to take pork bellies from a stainless steel vat through a brine injection system, to a cone insertion conveyor and onto a load station for hanging bellies onto smokehouse trees

The system we designed made the product transfer process faster and easier for the client.

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