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mixer grinders

Mixer Grinders

Mix + Mince Meat

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Mixer Grinders

Fusion Tech Mixer Grinders are designed to quickly and easily grind fresh meat, although they may be used for grinding various other products as well. Due to the precise adjustment of motor and components, these grinders are reliable, maintenance-free, and enjoy a long service life.

Our Mixer Grinders both minces the meat and mixes the meat and are great for preparing sausages. The holes in the lid allow you to monitor the mixing and feed the required additives to the minced meat without stopping the machine. Options include a manual minced meat dosing feeder, filling tubes of different sizes for filling sausage skins, and a foot pedal switch.

Little to No Maintenance
Our grinders are designed to require little to no regular maintenance.

Heavy Duty Construction
Our grinders feature heavy duty, stainless steel components, capable of grinding large capacities each hour.

Robust Design
Our grinders are designed to be durable enough to withstand the most demanding use.

Sanitary Design
Our grinders meet all AMI Sanitary Equipment Design requirements, making them easy to clean and safe to use in food processing facilities.

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Little to No Maintenance

Heavy duty design means our mixer grinder require little to no regular maintenance.

Easy to Clean

Tool-less guarding and wash down components make these mixer grinders easy to clean.

Large Hoppers

Our mixer grinder hoppers hold up to 24 gallons of meat for high capacity grinding.

Standard Sizes

Cutting SystemEnterpriseUngerEnterpriseUngerEnterpriseUnger
Voltage220/60/3 or 400/50/3220/60/3 or 400/50/3220/60/3 or 400/50/3220/60/3 or 400/50/3220/60/3 or 400/50/3220/60/3 or 400/50/3
Grinding Motor3KW3KW3KW3KW7.5KW7.5KW
Mixing Motor1.1KW1.1KW1.1KW1.1KW
Depth31.30″ / 795mm32.68″ / 830mm36.22″ / 920mm37.4″ / 950mm43.31″ / 1100mm45.87″ / 1165mm
Height45.67″ / 1160mm45.67″ / 1160mm46.06″ / 1170mm46.06″ / 1170mm51.57″ / 1310mm51.57″ / 1310mm
Width25.98″ / 660mm25.98″ / 660mm28.54″ / 725mm28.54″ / 725mm28.54″ / 725mm28.54″ / 725mm
Grinding Capacity1,455 lbs/hr1,455 lbs/hr2,535 lbs/hr2,535 lbs/hr3,527 lbs/hr3,527 lbs/hr
Hole Plate Diameter3.27″ / 83mm3.23″ / 82mm3.94″ / 100mm3.86″ / 98mm5.12″ / 130mm5.12″ / 130mm
Meat Tray Capacity8.80 gal / 40 l8.80 gal / 40 l17.60 gal / 80 l17.60 gal / 80 l24.20 gal / 110 l24.20 gal / 110 l
Weight396.83 lbs / 180 kg401.24 lbs / 182 kg507.06 lbs / 230 kg513.68 lbs / 233 kg837.76 lbs / 380 kg848.78 lbs / 385 kg

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