Vacuum Tumblers

vacuum tumblers

Vacuum Tumblers

Improve marination yields & consistency

Vacuum Tumblers

Improve marination yields and consistency with our line of vacuum tumblers from Henneken.

These vacuum tumblers are designed to produce better product marination — giving you a more consistent flavor throughout each piece of product.

We offer 5 types of vacuum tumblers to meet your specific product and production needs.

Henneken Tumblers are easy to maintain, featuring vacuum tubing and control wires outside of the jacket for quick replacement, rollers that can be replaced without lifting the drum, and a robust build that withstands even the most demanding processes.

Make loading a breeze with mobile or tracked dumpers, or let us design a complete layout to reduce labor and increase efficiency.

When ease of use and consistency are needed, our vacuum tumblers from Henneken are the affordable solution.

Easy to Use
Programmable controls allow you to create recipes for easier use.

Easy to Maintain
Keep your tumbler running efficiently with our easy to maintain features.

Heavy-duty design and construction mean minimum downtime and maintenance.

Download the catalog to learn more about our vacuum tumblers.

Improve Yields

Get more consistent marination over every piece of product with our Henneken Tumblers.

Easy to Maintain

Our vacuum tumblers feature a maintenance-friendly design you won’t find anywhere else.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel components and sanitary design make these slicers easy to clean.

Upgrade your marination process.