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Discover How to Cook Protein to Produce Hand Pulling Looking Shreds

The popularity of shredded meat — whether pork, beef, or chicken — is on the rise and many food processors are jumping on the band wagon to profit from this trend.

Many processors are finding it difficult to produce a hand pulled look to their shredded meat using meat shredded machines — and often blame the shredding process for these lack-luster results.

Achieving consistent, desirable shreds of pork, beef, and chicken is a science, one that depends upon both how the product is cooked and how it is shredded. The proper balance between these two processes will produce a consistent, profitable shredded product.

Throughout this guide, we will lay out the best cooking and shredding practices to achieve the protein shreds you want, as well as share insider tips learned over years of shredding meat.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cooking and Shredding

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  • What causes the muscle fibers in meat to easily pull apart, giving that hand pulled look
  • How the cooking process helps produce better shreds
  • Why you should cook meat in smaller chunks
  • Why you should practice step cooking
  • Step cooking sample recipes for pork, chicken, and beef
  • Why shredding hot is better than shredding cold
  • What to do if you must shred cold
  • And more!

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