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Fusion Tech platforms are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application, increase manufacturing space, and allow for easy movement throughout your facility.

We offer a wide range of platforms for the food processing industry including: catwalks, crossovers, access platforms, equipment platforms, mezzanines, and stairs.

Safety is key in the food processing industry. All of our platforms and stairs are OSHA compliant can can be equipped with a number of options designed to reduce the risk of employee injury. GripTECH™, our anti-slip coating, is the most popular safety feature of our platforms.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel, our platforms meet all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements, are robust enough to withstand the most demanding use, and offer excellent abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance.

Custom Designed
Fusion Tech platforms are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application. Customers are provided with 2D prints and 3D models of each platform.

Heavy Duty Construction
Our platforms feature a heavy duty frame, capable of handling more than the required weight.

Sanitary Design
Our platforms meet all AMI Sanitary Equipment Design requirements, making them easy to clean and safe to use in food processing facilities.

Safe & OSHA Compliant
Our platforms are designed to meet all OSHA ordinances for employee safety, including anti-slip coating, toe kicks, railings and guarding, and more.

Download the Fusion Build catalog to learn more about our custom designed platforms.

Specialty Platforms + Accessories

Fusion Tech offers a number of specialty platforms that have been designed to accompany specific equipment — both from Fusion Tech and other OEM manufacturers.

OSHA Compliant

Our infrastructure and platform solutions meet all OSHA requirement for employee safety and reduce the risk of employee injury.

Sanitary Design

Fusion Build infrastructure and platform solutions exceed all AMI Sanitary Design Requirements and are designed to be easy to clean.

Custom Designed

We custom design and 3D model all Fusion Build infrastructure and platform solutions to meet the needs of your specific application.

GripTECH™ Anti-Slip Coating

GripTECH™ is our anti-slip coating that can be applied to any item you order from Fusion Tech. Specially designed for one of our clients, GripTECH™ creates an extreme surface hardness and bond strength providing a rugged a durable slip-resistant surface with a long usage life that does not rust.

It is ideal for food and beverage applications, as the anti-slip coating is chemical and corrosion resistant. It cleans easily via power washing and is designed to last for years of heavy usage.

Fusion Tech designed, manufactured, and installed a number of custom platforms, crossovers, and access catwalks for a box line addition to a large beef processing client of mine. These platforms, crossovers, and catwalks were designed to integrate perfectly with the rest of the equipment they designed. All of the platforms were coated with a heavy duty anti-slip application that has held up to rigorous use and cleans easily during the plant’s sanitation process.

Solutions You Can See

As a custom manufacturer, we have designed and fabricated a number of platforms, crossovers, catwalks, mezzanines, and stairs for use in the food processing industry. Big or small, Fusion Tech is capable of producing an OSHA-compliant, easy to clean platform that will fit the needs of your specific application.

To the right you can see a small sampling of some of the platforms we have designed, manufactured, and installed.

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