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10 Important Advantages of a Custom Platform

When it comes to expanding your manufacturing work space, a custom platform is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive solution. Utilizing the space above your current processing line can save you thousands, if not millions, in expansion costs.

But what type of overhead platform should you purchase?

Many companies offer out-of-the-box solutions you can purchase and install yourself. These platforms tout ease-of-use, lower costs, and less down time than a custom-designed overhead platform, and promise to be in stock and ship quickly. They seem like the perfect solution.

There are some huge downsides to out-of-the-box overhead platform systems, though – many you won’t discover until it’s too late, including lesser quality material, lower load rates, and run the risk of being installed incorrectly.

Custom Platform Advantages

So why should you purchase a custom designed overhead platform? The following advantages speak for themselves:

  • Custom sizes, shapes, and load bearing rates to fit your exact need;
  • Higher quality construction for lasting durability;
  • Expert installation to guarantee safety and security;
  • Engineered to fit around your current processing line without the need to move equipment;
  • Floor slab capacity tested and improved for the increased weight of the platform;
  • Increased employee safety measures and OSHA compliant;
  • Installation around your schedule to minimize downtime;
  • Equipment work stations integrated into platform design; and
  • Non slip coating applied to staircases, flooring, and handrails.

The Greatest Advantage

The greatest advantage of a custom overhead platform, though, is having access to a platform expert, guaranteeing your platform is installed correctly and securely, taking your floor slab capacity into account.

Out-of-the-box platform solutions often don’t ensure that you have tested your floor slab capacity — which is one of the most important factors you need to consider when installing a platform or mezzanine.

Failing to test your floor slab capacity can lead to disaster, injury, and costly repairs. Working with a custom platform manufacturer will guarantee your floor slab capacity has been determined.

Meeting Your Needs

Don’t get caught with a less-than-desirable overhead platform. A custom designed and installed platform will exceed all of your needs and prove to be the longer-lasting, more durable choice. The options of configurations and sizes alone will prove to be a huge benefit when considering an overhead platform for your plant.

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