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GripTECH Anti-Slip Stair Nose

  • gripTECH anti slip stair nose

The Fusion Tech GripTECH Stair Nose is a slip-resistant surface that easily applies to your cement staircases to provide a safe, slip-free solution.

GripTECH is an anti-slip coating that creates an extreme surface hardness and bond strength providing a rugged and durable slip-resistant surface with a long usage life that does not rust. It makes for the perfect slip-free coating to add to the end of cement stairs to prevent employee slips and falls.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel with our GripTECH anti-slip coating, this stair nose meets all sanitary design requirements and cleans easily via power washing.

Download the Fusion Protect catalog to learn more about our GripTECH Anti-Slip Stair Nose.