sanitation fogger

Is Sanitation Fogging Right For Your Facility?

The spread of COVID-19 has left many food processors trying to find fast and efficient ways to disinfect their facilities.

Wiping down every surface by hand with a CDC and EPA approved disinfectant is extremely costly, both in purchasing chemicals and in redirecting the labor force to spend time cleaning.

To combat those costs, many food processors have turned to the process of sanitation fogging to apply disinfectants in a large area.

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spray nozzle

What is the Best Spray Nozzle for Cleaning a Smokehouse?

Choosing a spray nozzle for the clean-in-place (CIP) system in a smokehouse or dehydrator doesn’t seem all that important, especially when compared to choosing a heating source, damper control system, or the main fan.

While the spray nozzle maybe just a small component part, it plays a big role in effectively cleaning an oven — and reducing the risk of product contamination that can occur in an oven that is not properly cleaned.

The right spray nozzle will give you maximum coverage to clean the inside of the oven. The wrong spray nozzle, however, will give you the illusion of being clean, while leaving a good portion of the oven untouched by cleaning solution — a huge no-no in the world of food processing.

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personal hygiene in food safety

7 Easy Personal Hygiene Tips to Increase Food Safety

Keeping listeria and other food contaminating bacteria at bay is imperative to improve food safety in any processing plant. One false move and you could be shelling out thousands, if not millions, in product recalls, lawsuits, and replacing of equipment.

While sanitary equipment design plays a huge role in increasing food safety and decreasing the risk of contamination, there is another factor to consider: the personal hygiene practices of your employees.

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